No sound from Squeezebox Touch

Hello, there is no sound coming from my Squeezebox Touch. Roon sees the touch, it shows up in the signalpath (source - PC - Squeebox Touch) Support Squeezebox is enabled and LMS is not running on the PC (windows 10) on which Roon is installed. The Touch has been restarted. All connections are ethernet. The touch (volume fixed) runs with EDO connected to a NAD C510 dac. There is also no Roon logo on the Touch display.
This my first time setting up Roon in my free trial period.

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Hi @Paul_Rombout,

Welcome to the Community. Just to confirm, you have made sure to enable the squeezebox in Roon Settings -> Audio and select it from the Zone Picker (bottom right-hand corner of Roon) prior to starting playback? Have you also gone into “My Music” on the touch itself and have selected the PC as the Core? You may need to click on “Switch Library” to see the PC as the Core.

Also, it would be helpful if you could provide an outline of your network setup including model/manufacturer of router and other networking gear and how the PC and Squeezebox Touch are connected in the setup. Thanks!

Hi Noris,
It is now working, thanks!
Also nice to have a graphic equalizer.
Roon rocks!

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Hi @Paul_Rombout,

Glad to be of help, hope you have a great day!

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