[No sound] Mac + RPi4 (ropiee) + Oppo UDP-205 USB DAC + Anthem MRX1120

Roon Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Mac Model : Retina, 27”, Late 2014 - 16 Gb Ram , quad core, Intel i7
MacOS : Big Sur Version 11.1
Roon Version/build : Version 1.7 build 710

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

Router Model : Apple airport extreme

WiFi/Ethernet: Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Bridge : Raspberry Pi 4 (Ropiee latest stable build - 20201212-ropieee-ose_rpi234-stable)

+(usb type a to type b cable)



AVR :Anthem MRX1120

Description of issue:

I am trying to set up a OPPO UDP-205 with a Anthem MRX 1120. The OPPO UDP-205 is used today to play Blu-ray, and as a Roon Endpoint through the Ethernet port, this all works without any issue, the OPPO connects the Anthem MRX 1120 via HDMI.

OPPO UDP-205 DAC Version is updated to the latest USB-0118.

We have a Raspberry Pi 4 running the latest version of Ropiee and Roon detects this and see the Pi, when we play any music we do not hear any sound, using local files stored on the Roon core machine.

I am not sure what other information to provide here, as I said it we have sound and no issues when we connect the OPPO directly through Ethernet, we would like to utilize the USB DAC using a Raspberry Pi as a Roon Bridge. When I look at the Ropiee settings it is using Audio USB and it detects the USB device as an OPPO DAC.

Maybe this is an issue with some of our settings in roon with volume control? I have also reached out to OPPO with a description of my issue, but have not heard back as of yet. (holiday season)

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advanced. Cheers.

How do you have the OPPO output connected to the Anthem? Thinking its analog out only for USB input.

I have mine connected with the 7.1 analog output to my Denon x8500H and is does play but it is 2 channel only.

With the USB input on the OPPO the DAC converts to analog and there is no digital output.

That is my understanding of the situation.

With the Roon Ready Ethernet connection you can output via 7.1 analog or HDMI.

Thanks for the reply, I did think this may be the issue, so I am going to give it another using the analog output from the OPPO. Do I need to change any settings in the OPPO?

You do need to set the OPPO to USB input but I’m guessing you knew that already. I don;t know of any other setting that would need to be made.

Hate to say that I was a little disappointed with the Roon to OPPO USB interface. It is 2 channel only, no sub channel. And I like my subs to fill in when needed. But it does play native DSD and and MQA, pluses and minuses.

It could be different with the PI 4 in the mix if that is what you’re doing. I run USB from the NUC to OPPO. If so please advise on the difference.

If you want to use the Oppo DAC, you need analog out of the Oppo. Otherwise, you will bypass the Oppo DAC and use the DAC in your receiver, unless you’re able to do something I am not aware of. I have an Oppo 203, so don’t know everything there is to know about an Oppo 205.

Yep, just analog output per this from the owners manual:

“ The UDP-205 can function as a dedicated Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and process external digital audio signals with its internal SABRE32 Reference audio processors. Three digital audio input ports are available: OPTICAL, COAXIAL and USB DAC, all located on the back panel. The processed analog audio is available from the dedicated stereo (RCA and XLR) and multi-channel terminals.”

Thanks guys, yes I saw that it was analog audio in the manual. I did attempt using the RCA output to my AVR before posting this and again after it was pointed out here, but yet we still have no sound. Learning that it only supports 2-channel I think this is less of an issue for me now and using the OPPO USB DAC will not be a good solution here. Still don’t understand why I get no sound through the RCA output from the OPPO, will play around, probably missing something simple.

Just to verify, you did change the OPPO input to USB IN correct. I forget that step on occasions and chase my tail trying to figure out why it’s not playing.

Hi Mike - Yes I am changing the OPPO to USB IN. Thanks for the reminder I did forget it a couple times as well :slight_smile: