No sound under roon after waking up from sleep mode

I just signed up and was about to go with paid subscription but run into a major issue.
Here’s some description on my set up.

  1. System: Window 10 x64 i7-6950x 65GB RAM
  2. Audio: connected via USB to Chord Hugo TT (32bit 192KHZ).

Every time I wake up from the sleep mode I lose the sound from my Hugo TT USB DAC only when
Roon is on. When Roon is turn off I see no such issue.
If this happens, I have to either restart my USB DAC or disable and re-enable the playback device
under Windows sound setting.

Is this known which cannot be fixed?

Hi @dan_choo — Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us.

Moving forward, I want to make sure that I am conceptualizing the issue here correctly in order to properly advise on the situation. Is playback stopping when the computer is going to sleep OR is playback stopping when your wake the computer after it has been asleep?


I am not hearing any sound coming out of my usb dac after I wake up from the sleep. Although I see it is playing the song I am hearing no sound coming out of speakers or headphone.

I can make the sound again if I restart the usb dac or disable/enable playback device under sound setting.
It seems the usb dac connection is not recovering after waking up from sleep. It would appears to be a windows issue but this only happens when Roon is opened. If I close Roon program, I have no problem with the sound even after sleep. So it seems Roon is holding the usb dac resource down.

This is quite annoying and don’t think I can use the program if this is normal.

I have the same issue dan_choo is describing.

I’ve connected a Schiit Gungnir Multibit directly to Roon Core [Windows 10 Prof.] via USB and after standby playing seems to be normal, according to the GUI, but there is no sound. I’ve helped myself to remote connect to the server so and restart Roon.

So any help on this matter would be appreciated.


Hi @dan_choo — Thank you for the insight and clarification, both are very appreciated!

@Tobias_Lemmen — Thank you as well for chiming in and sharing your observations with me!

I just setup a test core here at my desk (WIn10) PC with a Schiit Bifrost mounted to the device via USB. I adjusted my power settings so the computer would be put to sleep after a minute and then let Roon play a few tracks from an album. After letting the music play for roughly 20minutes I woke the computer up and music continued to play without issue.

Continuing forward, I would like to ensure that my test environment is configured as closely as possible to both of your setups and with this in mind would you kindly please provide me with the “power settings” you are using with the mentioned 10 devices.


Hi @eric!

Thanks for taking care. I’ve exported my power settings and could mail it to you, as the forum does not allow anything else as pictures to be uploaded. You could import it by command line “powercfg /import pow.cfg”. Is this ok for you?


Hi @Tobias_Lemmen ---- Thank you for getting in touch! I have sent you a PM with instructions on how you can get the materials over to me.


Done :slight_smile:



Hi @Tobias_Lemmen ---- Thank you for the follow up, confirming that it has been received!

I will be sure to update this thread once I have completed my testing. Your continued patience is greatly appreciated!


Hi @eric!

I’m not able to reproduce the problem anymore at the moment. Maybe there were some changes which came with Windows Updates, I really don’t know. I’m only sure, I haven’t changed anything concerning windows setup or the hardware. That’s really odd, because I lived with this behaviour quite some time.

I’m sorry I’ve wasted your time. Thanks for your efforts!


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Thanks for touching base with me @Tobias_Lemmen, the update is very appreciated and please, no apologies necessary :wink:

I am glad to hear that the issue has not been occurring recently and I would say your theory about a Win update is very plausible. I have seen my fair share of “weirdness” as a result from automated Win updates, just glad things are now working as expected.

Happy listening!