No sound when upsampling to DSD256

Hello there

I have no sound when I select DSD256 in the DSP settings. It works well in DSD128. I believe my setup should be power enough: I have a Mac mini 2018 and a Teac AI-503.

Is there anything I should do in the settings?

On the mac mini you will only be able to do dsd 128 unless teac supplies a driver for apple os

Oh ok and just for my personal knowledge, is there a reason why?

I don’t know the exact reason but I had a mac mini and went to a windows pc.Not positive but I think someone said to 256 dsd on a mac either need a driver or your dac would have to do dsd 512 to do dsd 256 on a mac,

It is a limitation of the DOP protocol which can only be circumvented by patching kernels or a custom written driver.

Ah thanks for letting me know. I’ll check with Teac if they can release a driver for MacOS but I hardly doubt.

There has only been 1 DAC I know of that has written a MAC OS Driver (exaSound). If you want higher res DSD, Windows is really the best option.

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