No speaker layout with Meridan only stereo with Trinnov

I have 3 sources .Meridian 218 stereo,Meridian 861 8 Ch , the TrinnovAmethyst 4 Ch processor. Trinnov feeds the fronts.The remaining 5 channels comes from the 861. I have 5.1 files that i want to play.KB from Roon say to select on a MCh device the speaker layout. Problems: 218 is stereo, cant select(2.0/5.1 or 7.1) that is „logic“, BUT even no tab for that choices. The same with the 861ID40, not understandable, as that is a MCh processor.Both are not „Roon ready“ devices.Trinnov Amethyst is „Roon ready“ 4 channel processor. Tab appears to select a „speaker layout“. The Trinnov Amethyst feeds for the fronts -a 3.0 layout. Choises for 2.0/5.1 or 7.1 layout, in botch cases with „downmix as needed“ or „channel mapping only“ only L/R plays.Maybe Roon expect a 5.1 or 7.1 processor, not a 4 channel processor /3.0 layout ? Also „ send stereo/mono contents as 5.1“ is not working

Hello John, hello support,
do you have any info for me ?

Hello @RobertW,

I apologize for the delay in my response. I have been communicating with the QA lab regarding the expected behavior here.

The Meridian 861 w/ ID40 is capable of 2ch playback max using the Meridian Sooloos streaming.

I am waiting for confirmation regarding the Trinnov Amethyst about wether it is exposed via Roon Ready as a 2ch or 4ch product. I hope to have an answer for you in the next 24 hours.


Hello John, thanks for your info, iam be curious what Trinnov will answer. One question to the Roon „speaker layout“ , the choices are 5.1 and 7.1 . But my layout is 3.0 as only the fronts get feeded from the Trinnov. So my main question here is: Does Roon send 100% exact the same signal in all „speaker layouts“ to the fronts ? So for example the L speaker get the same info independent which „speaker layout“ is selected— of coarse that is only true for the front speakers not the surround speakers.
So, the fronts get the same info independent if there is a 3.0, 5.1 , or a 7.1 layout ? Thanks Robert

Hello John, do you see a chance to get infos before the weekend?
Thanks Robert

Hello @RobertW,

Our QA lab was only able to get the Trinnov Amethyst to work with two channel audio streams. We are reaching out to Trinnov to ensure that this is the expected behavior. We will follow up once we have received a response.


Hello John, very thanks for your support.I havent expected that your QA even take the time to test that- iam very impressed from your great help.!!!
What i do nor understand, that a manufacturer (Trinnov) dont can reply for a simple question like that asking for basic specs, nothing special…
John, what about your Roon sw, how does the sw handle the audio stream what i asked in my last reply ? Or rephrase my question very basic, when Roon does make a downmix , are the front channels get processed or only the surrond independent if it is a 5 or 7 channel source ? A big thanks from Robert