No Thai support on Roon 1.1 Windows 7

Up to Build 30, Thai character still displaying fine. On 1.1 it becomes “-------”.

On the other hand, Thai character support on OS X was improved but still not perfect.

Thanks for the report @AuPG – checking on this.

Can you post a screenshot of the imperfect Thai? Thanks!

Thai characters display in five levels. If we count level from bottom, “๊” can be positioned at level 4 or 5 depends on the immediate character. Notice how the perfect one looks like.

Thanks @AuPG – I’m going to send you a PM with a little more information that will help us resolve this for our next release.

Appreciate the help!

what we did was switch the thai font with 1.1, and it seems that font is the default font with windows 8.1. unfortunately, win7 ships a different font of you install the thai pack.

ive added support for both fonts for the next build.

as for the proper rendering of orbitals, it’s on our roadmap.