No thumbs for radio stations

I know its minor but I notice that on ropieee display that radio stations don’t have a thumbnail, its either just the ropieee logo or a black square.

Notice this on 2 players.

That is all.


I have the same issue with my RPI/Flirc Remote setup, since a couple of weeks.

I have also the same minor problem.

I discovered an update on the pi which I applied. It seems to have got worse there is no artist/track info now

I’ve been looking into this, and for some reason with radio stations Roon server returns an ‘internal error’. (RoPieee fetches the thumbnails from Roon server).

I need to look into this further why this all of sudden is happening.


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I’ve reported it to the Roon team as there is definitely something going wrong on the Roon server side.

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Not just Ropieee, I don’t get artwork for Radio on my Naim Uniti Atom either.

Should I put this as a support case sort of thing, it does not even say whats playing anymore.?

I’ve already reported it.

Any comment from roon on this, its becoming mildly annoying :slight_smile:

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I am also waiting for a fix on this issue. Last Roon update did not fixed the station logo display.
@spockfish do you have a link or ticket number, where we can track the resolving progress?

Hi there,
I also no longer have a display on my Auralic Altair G2.1 when playing radio stations.


No, as you know there is no public tracker for Roon issues. I’ve pinged them in the support thread (over here: Roon API broken for fetching radio station thumbnails - #3 by rebeka).

You could ask them there as well: the more the better.

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done; thanks for the correct thread.

Good news. Since yesterday about 22:00 (UTC+1) the radio station thumbs/logos are back in my environment. :+1:

Oh yes same here excellent!