No thumbs for radio stations

I know its minor but I notice that on ropieee display that radio stations don’t have a thumbnail, its either just the ropieee logo or a black square.

Notice this on 2 players.

That is all.


I have the same issue with my RPI/Flirc Remote setup, since a couple of weeks.

I have also the same minor problem.

I discovered an update on the pi which I applied. It seems to have got worse there is no artist/track info now

I’ve been looking into this, and for some reason with radio stations Roon server returns an ‘internal error’. (RoPieee fetches the thumbnails from Roon server).

I need to look into this further why this all of sudden is happening.


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I’ve reported it to the Roon team as there is definitely something going wrong on the Roon server side.

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Not just Ropieee, I don’t get artwork for Radio on my Naim Uniti Atom either.

Should I put this as a support case sort of thing, it does not even say whats playing anymore.?

I’ve already reported it.