No Tidal album art is showing in Roon

Roon Core Machine

Roon ROCK installed on NUC7i7DNHE

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router is ATT&T U-Verse model and there are multiple Netgear Gigabit wired switches

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

There is no album art showing in Tidal via Roon now; they are all grayed-out. I don’t remember anything specifically precipitating this, but maybe it was the update to 943; can’t remember if it happened directly after that or if there was a day or two between the two events. There are also several of my own ripped albums that have the album art missing now. Noticed this on my Windows 10 PC which is just another endpoint for Roon; it has the 64-bit Roon installed (I actually reinstalled it to try and correct this issue).
Coincident to this was a restart of the Roon Server (ROCK) directly after which Roon had trouble identifying a core, but it’s now OK. I have cleared the image cache on my PC and on one of the iPad remotes that I hardly every use (I think that’s when a few of my ripped album art covers also disappeared, but I may have only noticed it at that point).

Has anything changed in your setup?
This has been found in other instances to be where Roon servers are being blocked from providing the album artwork.
Firewall check maybe?

No changes; maybe just the 943 update? I can’t remember if I did the update just prior to this occurring.

Could it have something to do with the issues indicated in the following post from Roon Labs? (Tidal images not loading - #3 by AMP)

Anything is possible but it sure sounds like the images are being blocked from access somewhere.
I assume you have cleared the cache on the win10 remote you are seeing this on.
And a full reboot of the Roon Core machine.

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Yup! Tried those steps a couple times each.

Roon: Thank you for the update! All well now. All images restored (problem also included all Artists’ images, etc) – exactly as I thought: previous post
Can’t believe this wasn’t reported by many others, but excellent and rapid correction, Roon Labs! – Kudos!!!

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