No Waveform or DSP settings available Roon Remote 1.3 on iPhone 7 [Answered]

I have Roon remote 1.3 for iOS installed on an iPhone 7. It does not show waveform displays for tracks and I cannot access DSP settings. I also have the same iOS player on an iPad Air 2 with no issues. I get waveform displays and DSP settings options on the iPad Air 2 for the same Roon Library. Library is on a Mac Mini using Roon server. Connected to microRendu then to DAC.

DSP is not part of the Phone UI – and waveforms never were. Space constraints are the obvious reason: the waveforms would contain very little information – and I shudder thinking what Parametric EQ would look like on a ~5 inch screen…

I had a similar query earlier
The DSP features are not available on the iPhone only on on larger tablets or desktop

Thanks for the quick reply!