No wireless option in web interface with Rock installed on NUC6CAY (Celeron processor)

Picked up a few of these NUCs to run ROCK on them for Roonbridge application but can only seem to get the ethernet running. No Wireless option noted in web interface. Went through the low hanging fruit problems in BIOS but didn’t notice any problem settings.

Is it simply not supported for this particular wireless card or have I missed an obvious setting?

I got it up and running with Windows 10, but that is such a horribly frustrating system that I couldn’t stand it after two days. Looking for the simplicity of ROCK.

If ROCK is not an option, I figure I can load Linux/Ubuntu and run roonbridge that way.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @Papi_Chulo,

Wireless is not something that we extensively test for on NUC models, we would always suggest using a direct Ethernet connection for the Roon Core, as this would be much more reliable than using WiFi.

If using WiFi is a must due to environmental factors (router is on the other side of a brick wall for example), then instead we would suggest using a mesh-style network and have the Core connected directly via Ethernet to one of the mesh access points.

More information regarding ideal network setup can be found in our Networking Best Practices Guide.

Thanks for the words of guidance, Norris. This was to be used strictly as an endpoint, so I wasn’t too focused on the ethernet option as I usually am with my Core. Also, I am rocking a decent mesh system with Eero.

I ended up swapping over to Dietpi (which loaded beautifully in less then 5 minutes amazingly enough) and have everything I want from this new endpoint: silent (way underutilized processor and RAM), good AC WIFI, an optical out without requiring another device, and 6 channels out of HDMI. As a bonus I can run MATE on it for a desktop if I ever need another emergency computer (I don’t ever need an emergency computer). If the deal is still available, I would recommend this NUC6CAY to any Roon user. A good use of $150 US dollars, all in.

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