Node 2 and ELAC B6s sound “muddy”

Please share a little about your listening room and in particular speaker positioning and source files, i.e. Spotify and CD rips. I don’t think the pairing of the Node 2 and ELAC B6s should sound “muddy”. Are you finding Roon has solved the issue? Perhaps you can share some screenshots from the DSP/ Parametric EQ screens.

Hello, Martin.

Thanks for taking the time to help. I’ll snap some pictures of my listening area. I don’t have stands yet, so I’m using a few bar stools until I can afford stands. I have noticed that putting the speakers on the ground and tilting them upwards fleshes out the lower mid-ranges a bit better. On the stools, turning up the bass slider seems to drown out the mids, so I end up with what I call The Bose Effect; a sandwich of shimmery highs and deep lows with no real meat in the middle. If I turn the treble down, things get muddy. Having a bass, treble, AND mid slider would easily remedy my situation.

On a side note, I’m pretty proud of my Samsung smart TV. It was a neighbor’s. It died after two years of use. She purchased a new TV and was throwing this one out. I asked if I could have it. She said sure! I took it home, ordered a replacement power board off of Ebay for $25 and fixed the television. :slight_smile:

Move the loudspeakers out at least 1-3 ft from the front wall. Listen. Then, adjust the bass tone control again.


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I really appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions. AJ, I will do as you suggested and move them out from the wall. I’ll report back tomorrow.

Slim, will the JRiver media software work with the BluOS? Because if it only effects the settings on my phone, I’d rater not go through Bluetooth just to use an EQ. Yes, this has a decent Bluetooth receiver in it, but ewww, its Bluetooth. Anyway, I will look into this JRiver software tonight. Thank you for the suggestion.

I figured something out while messing with speaker placement. My town home is open concept. This is a big bonus for me as far as accessibility goes. That is why I have no coffee table. Its one less thing to navigate. Beyond my sofa is a walkway from front door to kitchen. beyond that is the stairwell. I also have ten foot ceilings.

These Elac speakers just aren’t big enough to fill this much space with sound. At moderate volumes I had little in the mid-range, sparkly highs, and lows that just kind of flubbed and hung in the air. It was causing an almost concert hall kind of effect. So, I moved the speakers to the floor. This allows the majority of their sound to hit the couch. The love-seat to the right also acts as absorption for the right speaker. Being close to the carpet has also toned them down quite a bit, in all the right ways.

I now have the tone controls in the BluOS completely disabled, and it sounds wonderful! Balanced, no coloration. I went from having only a handful of songs sounding good to having most of them sound good. The difference is night and day. Lowering them really reigned the sound into the immediate sitting area. Now its like a delicious layer of sound floating on the air, and if I just close my eyes and relax…I can float away on it. I can now sit, listen and point to where different instruments are in the sound stage. This is what I was going for.

I’m still going to try AJ’s suggestion and post back tomorrow. If that doesn’t do the trick…I’m going to be shopping for some really short speaker stands. lol

Again, Thanks for all of the help and suggestions.

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Derrick, before you go any further with some of the suggestions put forth, understand that you must have a computer/server in order to run Roon or JRiver. Your Bluesound streamer/amplifier is not adequate equipment.


Thanks, AJ.

I understand that I would make EQ changes from PC/Server running the software. I signed up for the free Roon trial and was successful at EQing the speakers into a pleasing sound. But knowing that I can’t afford it moving forward, I was in search of other options.