Is this a new API that can be used to create a 3rd party audio input directly in Roon ie. a Spotify (Librespot) or AirPlay (Shairport) sink, without having to setup a pseudo radio station?

It looks like someone has already tried to build a Spotify (Librespot) relay using this API?


There seem to be some follow-up activities going on in the form of the Roon Connect Stream Example (which sounds like an interesting development).

I gave it a try but my production core doesn’t provide the audioinput service:

Enter command (? for help) >
-> REQUEST 1 com.roonlabs.registry:1/register {"extension_id":"com.roonlabs.roon_connect_stream_example","display_name":"Roon Connect Stream Example","display_version":"1.0.0","publisher":"Roon Labs, LLC","email":"","required_services":["com.roonlabs.audioinput:1","com.roonlabs.transport:2"],"optional_services":[],"provided_services":["com.roonlabs.settings:1","com.roonlabs.status:1","com.roonlabs.pairing:1",""],"website":""}
<- COMPLETE 1 NotCompatible {"required_services_missing":["com.roonlabs.audioinput:1"]}

@danny Can you share anything about if / when this will become available in early-access / production?

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As far as I can see from the sources there is a “play” method that garbs the audio content from a URL and stream this to Roon.

This means you still need a webserver that delivers the audio stream but you don’t have to set up a radio station for the audio stream manually any more.

Not too bad :+1: :+1: