Node2I to Allo Digi1 Signature


I have a BluSound Node 2i. I also have an Allo Digi 1 Signature. The hard wired networked Digi1 Rasberry Pi is in my bedroom attached to an amp via a DAC.

I want to use the Node2I as the streamer, connecting to Tidal etc and listen to music in my bedroom. I also have a PC setup as a Roon Core.

The entire purpose was to use the Node2I rather than the PC as the streamer.

I think this is possible, but I am confused.

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thank You,

if you’re asking whether you can replace the Allo w/ the Node, then the answer is yes.

What’s wrong with the Allo DigiOne Signature? It’s a much better sounding transport than the Node 2i and has better compatibility with Roon. I’m surprised that you would want to replace the Allo.

Or…perhaps I don’t understand what you are asking and trying to do.

I apologize for my ignorance.

My limited knowledge prevents me from asking properly.

I purchased the Node2I last year. It is in the basement connected to my primary tube system.

Then I subscribed to Roon because I wanted to play streamed audio to different rooms. And I like the interface.The core is on a PC in my office.

I then purchased an Allo Digi1 Signature for my bedroom thinking the Stream would go from the internet through the Node2I to the Digi1. The Allo Digi1 is connected to a Schitt Bifrost Dac via the SPDIF RCA digital out. I wanted to do everything over wired Ethernet. It worked fine.

I just do not understand which device is actually talking to Tidal serving up the music to the Roon Endpoint, which I thought was the Allo.

Thank You for you replies and again, excuse my limited knowledge.


ah, the core is talking to Tidal, and sending music to your endpoints, Allo or Node.

the Allo and Node do not talk to one another.

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I would add that the Node 2i has its own app and ecosystem with limited interoperability with Roon. That may be the source of confusion.

When using your Roon system, pretend that the extra functionality from BluOS does not exist.

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Thank you so much guys, I really appreciate it.

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