Non-audio/hi-fi related "obsessions"

We’re all obsessed to a degree with hi-fi and music. What about the other stuff that drives us? We’ve got threads for pets, photos, coffee, tea, bicycles and whisky. Any other areas where you feel you’re spending a disproportionate percentage of your time/disposable income?

For me, it seems to be tools. I’m a pretty serious DIYer and have a somewhat complex speaker build in progress which has “justified” the purchase of a number of tools. My tool spend YTD is dizzying - It’s well beyond the cost of a reasonable hi-fi system. There’s a lot you can do with a basic set of tools, but with the right tools, the ease of doing stuff reaches a whole new level. I love making stuff - it satisfies both my creative and scientific/engineering sides. The challenge of figuring out how to do something plus the satisfaction of the process and the end result.

Anyone else have an “obsession” that they spend too much time and money on?


Flying airplanes was my lifelong obsession since age 16. Then, in 2001 I added drag racing. These are two hugely expensive hobbies. I gave up drag racing in 2014 and flying in 2020. I did not want to spend tax deferred/exempt investments to fund these and I was also not as young as I used to be. My only obsession now is Roon, Tidal, and Qobuz. Fortunately, I have passed the age of wanting more “stuff” (for the most part).


These make my tool spend pale into insignificance! Besides the capital outlay, the maintenance and fuel/maintenance, fuel and tyres costs must have been eye-watering. From my limited knowledge of drag-racing, the nitromethane fuel cost is a good few hundred dollars for each run!:open_mouth: Let alone transporation costs and entry fees…

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We have nature on our doorstep in Norway so spending as much time outdoors as possible is a high focus area.

Hiking & camping with the wife, dog or solo is a great way to spend time and be removed from all modern convenience & distraction.

Added bonus is that its also a low cost / high return hobby.


Hi Jim - I would love to hear more about your drag-racing experiences. That is a sport that has always fascinated me (although only ever as a follower, never as a competitor :slight_smile: )


Backcountry skiing!


Are you now? If so, please advise on technique.

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Playing music (guitar/harmonica), making pictures, learning physics, linguistics and historical etymology, psychology. I used to race cars and compete in shooting sports, but lost interest once I’d reached my personal pinnacle without devoting my life to them.

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