Non-Musical items that make the room “ours”

The topic “Showing (off) your Roon setup” reveals not only some remarkable HiFi installations but also some beautiful decor and general Objet d’art, ornaments & “nic-nacs.”
All are obviously attractive, especially for the owner, so I thought a thread with some closeup photos & (optional) descriptions would a source of interest, amusement & inspiration in the continuing personalisation of our listening rooms.

A example or two follows:-

Various ocean artefacts collected from trips to the Caribbean, a good reminder of happy times.

Interesting shapes & colours should be a part of every, listening, room :slight_smile:

An ivory ornament (One of a pair) purchased, by my father, in the far east around 80 years ago. A beautifully detailed carving but owning it hits my conscience every time I look at it, strangely it’s now an essential part of the listening environment.

Why not show some of yours?

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Wow! My uneducated eye says that might be worth a few bob.

To me it is priceless


Your eye is probably more educated than mine :grin: I’m not sure if Ivory of any age has monetary value these days…

My father served on HMS.Belfast (amongst others) I will have to Take a look sometime.

As an Ex- Royal Naval chap, any serviceman’s history is of interest, you should be proud of his service.


I am indeed, he had 25 years of experiences, some of which were unrepeatable…

Most of mine are, globetrotting and drinking

I can remember nearly all of my global visitations and the people I was with

Do these count?


If it was brought into the country after a certain date, then you can’t sell/buy elephant products. Before a certain date, then ok to traffic.

I had a pair of elephant skin cowboy boots. Lasted forever, but you can’t get them anymore, of course. At the time, it never struck me as the immoral possession that it was.

OTOH, elephants are killed for their ivory, not their skin.

An impressive collection, I always preferred the sound of the Gibson’s, but not being a guitarist, my fellow band members weren’t that concerned with my preferences :slightly_smiling_face:

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To me, it’s priceless and not for sale, but I do recall that, as you say, there was a ruling where trading in “old ivory” was permitted.

Unfortunately to poachers while its stuck of the front of an elephant it does

Same can be said for matted hair that is a Rhino Horn

RANT RANT , its not nice seeing a mutilated animal at close quarters I can assure you from personal experience

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As a committed vegetarian for 50 years, many things trouble me, animal welfare/cruelty is at the top of my list. :thinking:

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Dartington glass, by any chance?