Noob: How to get files copied from Windows PC to Nucleus SSDs

Roon Core Machine

New Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

COX router, ethernet wired rooms + wifi; NOT using VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Anthem MRX

Number of Tracks in Library

30K on Windows PC: Itunes & FLAC libraries

Description of Issue

The Roon website and literature says I can install an additional SSD to cover the capacity of my music libraries. Did that. It was easy since I build my own PCs a lot. The Roon website is a little vague and ambiguous about how to copy files from the PC into the Nucleus. OK, I can see the storage Data directory in the Nucleus, copied a tiny text file there to see if it could be done.
Am I supposed to copy all my files manually into the DATA directory? ITunes is a bout 500GB and the FLAC files are another 90GB. And how does the Nucleus behave if I overflow the main disk unit? Included in that is how/when does it know to use the added SSD?
The Roon website is a little vague and ambiguous. I’m hesitant to do something that turns out later to be a really bad idea…

Have you seen this -

Yes. As others have pointed out, not the DATA directory, but to InternalStorage ( on your 2nd drive).

Don’t know what you mean by this. How would one overflow a drive?

After you format it from within the Nucleus Web GUI, it will show in Settings==>Storage.

Another alternative is to attach a USB drive to the Nucleus. Probably much easier to move files and to maintain…

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You never copy music to the primary SSD in the Nucleus, this is exclusively for the OS and Roon database. All your music files must be copied to the secondary.

If you have a wired 1Gbps network, 500 GB will take time but not ages. It should easily do 50 MB per second, so just a few hours. If it’s per wifi and takes too long, maybe you can temporarily connect the SSD directly to your computer (built in or some adapter), copy it, and then put it into the Nucleus

The ‘music-data’ drive should be formatted from the Nucleus Web-Admin interface, after fitting! It’s formatted EXT4 - so not by default readable by either Windows or macOS. The best bet is to just bite the bullet and copy the files over the network per the link above, perhaps a few directories at a time.

Yeah, I always forget how feature-limited Windows and Mac are :slight_smile:

Not the Data directory (which is a directory on the m.2 SSD), but the InternalStorage directory. That is actually the additional SSD that holds your music

MikeB, Suedkiez — thank you. I’m not terribly concerned with the copy transmission time. I’m hard wired at 1GBit/sec.

A) “After you format it from within the Nucleus Web GUI, it will show in Settings==>Storage.”
I don’t have Linux chops. What are the commands and steps to format the secondary SSD?

B) HOW do I copy from Windows 11 files to the “secondary” Nucleus storage? I don’t want to make a mistake.
Again, Do I need a Linux commands to do this? I never found that in the community forum. Maybe its just drag and drop once you know the directory/folder name? Also, I was led to believe the Nucleus has its own storage and the extra SSD I added would augment that. How do I or the NUC software decide what goes on the Nucleus storage and what goes on the additional SSD?

C) Is there anywhere all this is explained?

You can use Windows File Explorer. Copy to Internal Storage folder.

Get on the Nucleus Web GUI and format from within there.

Closeup -


Presumably that’s why you bought a Nucleus.

Nucleus has an M.2 drive that is solely for the OS. You can’t put anything on there, except the CODECs, but don’t worry about that. Actually, you can put things on there, but just don’t do it.

The 2nd internal drive is for your music files.

Really, really overthinking this. You are responsible for copying your files to the 2nd drive. Did you read the article that I in a preceding post and @Geoff_Coupe in a succeeding post linked to?

@Jim_F shows you have to access the Nucleus 2nd drive in this post -

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Two methods are given in this article:

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Hey @Daniel_Graham,

Ben here with the support team, thanks for writing in! I wanted to check in to see if you were able to get things sorted out with coping your library over to your new internal storage SSD? This thread is an excellent example of how immensely helpful the community is here :pray:

I’ll be monitoring this thread for your reply :+1:

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