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since I have been struggling with this issue for months, I will provide you with an alternative solution that works for me. I have been using the Meshnet feature provided by NordVPN. For your information, Meshnet is free, and you do not need a NordVPN subscription in order to use this feature. Download NordVPN on all devices that you use Roon on and enable the Meshnet feature on all of them, which will provide unique IP addresses to each device. You do not have to do anything, it works automatically and, in my experience, flawlessly. It does not matter if your ISP uses NAT, it still works. The only downside is that you cannot use Roon ROCK as you need either Linux, Android, macOS, iOS or windows in order for Meshnet to work for your core, bridges and endpoints. Additionally, once you connect to ARC, the settings in your Roon core will still tell you that the connection is not ready, just ignore it and enjoy Roon ARC. They also added DSP today, so that’s the icing on the cake.

Hi, I just downloaded NordVPN and allowed Meshnet. What are the next steps in settings in Roon core , Roon remote, and Roon Arc?

Just enable Meshnet on all devices, so each gets assigned a unique IP address and make sure you have your core up and running. Download ARC on your mobile endpoint, login with your Roon credentials, choose your core in ARC and let it connect to it and it should work.

Thanks, I did that. Says Arc can’t sync with Roon core. Guess it won’t work for me?

Make sure to have Meshnet enabled on your smartphone and core. If you have connected to Nordvpn, disconnect it temporarily. Once you log into Roon ARC with your Roon credential, it should find your core. Also enable Roon Remotes on your core in the settings. Play around a bit, I am sure it will work eventually.

Ok did that. But in Roon core settings for Arc it shows my normal IP address, not the Meshnet Ip address. Don’t I need to change that to mash the Meshnet Ip address? If so, how do I do that? In core settings it does not let me change Ip address

Just ignore the IP address and the DNS Server in Roon Core. Roon Core will continue telling you that no connection to ARC is possible. Just activate Meshnet and download and log into the Roon ARC app.

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Roon Core always shows your public IP address. Meshnet automatically assigns individual and unique IP addresses to all your devices connected to Meshnet, so they can communicate with each other without relying on IP addresses, many of whom have CGNAT. CGNAT provides the same IP address to multiple devices which makes it impossible even to port forward a specific device because of the same IP address being used for multiple devices. Meshnet goes around that problem.

Or just setup a wireguard vpn tunnel and be done.

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