Norton Versus Roon Tip

@PixelPopper … I followed your suggestion about getting back in touch with Norton regarding my remaining problems with Norton 360 and Roon (see end of thread). Items 1 and 2 were fixed by allowing a level 2 Norton tech to take control of the computer and do a complete uninstall and clean reinstall of Norton 360 for Mac OS. I’m pleased with the outcome. I may be the only one in such a state with Norton 360, but I recommend anyone who has problems with Norton 360 “over-protecting” against Roon contact Norton tech support and get assistance with doing a clean reinstall. Note: Norton’s new default seems to be to have Application Blocking switched off in the Firewall section of settings which was fine with me as it avoided other problems (item 3) I was having with Norton “over-protecting” against many programs, including one of Norton’s own programs!

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Hi Alex, good to hear you’ve managed to resolve the issue :+1: