Not able to add radio station URL

I am trying to add a subscription based URL radio station to ROON. However, even though the URL plays music through my web browser, Roon cannot add the station and returns the error (see picture). The station is a FLAC stream. I can share the URL with Roon privately but they asked me not to post it publicly. Can you help? [Private URL deleted by moderators]

Hello @ArtSam , I’ve edited out the private URL. Unfortunately this forum cannot be considered private.
If you PM me with the URL I’ll take a look.

i get that for many stations, when accessed through the station’s website, etc…

does that station have a TuneIn URL? Those usually work.

Something like this:

https ://

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No, the OP is trying to add a premium service. Advice has been given via a PM.

If you do have problems with a particular station, start a thread and the Radio Curators can usually deal with the problem.

Closing this thread.