Not able to group Sonos Connect with Sonos speakers

I have a Sonos Connect hooked up to my stereo in one room, a pair of Sonos Play 5 speakers in another room, and a pair of Sonos Play 1 (Alexa-enabled) speakers in a third room. Roon allows me to group the Play 5 and Play 1 speaker pairs, but I am unable to group the Connect with either set of speakers. Can you please explain what I can do to address this issue? Thanks in advance!

I group my connects with play 1s so that is usual. Can the connect see the main WiFi or only the Sonos mesh?

Hello @jaygot,

Can you please post a screenshot of the error you’re seeing when grouping the Connect with the speakers?


The Connect is connected to WiFi, not just the Sonos mesh network.

I do not get any error message when trying to group the Connect with other speakers — the Roon app (for both Mac OS and iOS) simply does not allow me to group the Connect with the other devices (either I cannot choose “Group” when the Connect is the active device, or the Connect is not offered up as an option after I choose “Group” when one of the other group-able speaker pairs is the active device).

Hello @jaygot,

In the settings > audio screen, make sure that you have enabled all of your zones under the “Sonos” heading, not the “Airplay” heading.


That did the trick! Thanks a lot for the help.

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