Not playing tracks

Using version 1.7, build 537

core on MBPro which is plugged into, via USB, to an Audiolab 8300cdq, which in turn is plugged into a Yamaha Rx-A3080 via RCA cables.

This is a recent problem, may have coincided with update but cannot be sure.

On two albums it refuses to play two pairs of tracks. One one alb um it’s the first 2 tracks and on the other album it’s tracks 7&8. This did not happen before. The files are 24/192khz FLAC. There may of course be more albums but I have 0000’s and can’t go thru them all to listen.

On one of these albums I took the file and using dbConverter made it a 32/384khz album. The problem went away.

I then took that file and turned it back into a 24/192hz file. Back to refusing to play 1st 2 tracks.

The albums play perfectly well in iTunes(the AIFF version) and also in JRiver’s MC and Audirvana so the files are not corrupted.

Whilst I could turn all offending albums into 32/382, it akes a LOT of space, I ought not have to.

Got rid of all files Roon as best as I could, emptied Bin then
re-downloaded Roon and even changed where the Library is stored. It made no difference.

I ought to have said it was a WAV 32/384 version that plays fully. Even a WAV 24/192 will not play same two tracks. Nor will a WAV 32/192.

Is there a way to make sure I delete everything Roon for my MBPro so I can do a complete re-install without my MBP having any residual memory of Roon?

I started my deleting the database. Then I searched fro Roon files and deleted all that showed up.

I recall years go needing to go into the registry of a Windows to
completely clear a program. is there something similar on a Mac?

I have a new problem similar to this.

Tracks 7 and 8 on Carly Simon’s Boys In The Trees will not play in Roon.

I imported an AIFF version and still won’t play same two tracks.

I deleted the database to start over. Same problem.

Apple Music plays the tracks in AIFF, obviously I didn’t ask it play the FLAC version. It isn’t in the iTunes library anyway.

How can I do a complete delete of Roon and start over as if Roon had never been on my computer?

Hello @Knitman and thanks for the details! I wouldn’t recommend making registry edits or anything similar for this issue. I wanted to confirm that these tracks were working just fine in their original format for you previously? You had mentioned this being a recent issue but I wanted to verify.

What I’d like to do next is have you send me a copy of the files in question by placing them here. Once you do, let me know and I will try them on my side so we can see why they aren’t playing correctly. Thanks!

Do you want the whole album? Or just the 4 tracks that will not play? I know I have said so but I will point again, that these may not be the only tracks with this problem. I have a lot of albums and it would take months to listen to each one to see if they play or not!

I will load the whole of the album where the first two songs refuse to play. If that is not right, then let me know and the second album I’ll only send tyhe 2 treacks that will not play.
Thank you kindlt.

Now I am on that upload place, I am only uploading the 2 files that will not play of one of the albums.

I uploade them ages ago. Just clicked on them and it said it cannot generate preview as it doesn’t support format.

I shall try again with FLAC version.

It says the same for FLAC files-unable to genrate preview as file not supported. I evemn uplaoded a FLAC file that had no oissue but got same response.

Hello @Knitman, thanks you for sharing those files with me. I tested the .aif files for myself with Roon and observed behavior identical to what you described. For that reason, I’ve escalated this to our QA team so they can take a look at these tracks. Thanks for your patience and I will be in touch once QA has a chance to investigate.

Thank you kindly. No hurry. If I want to listen I have other programs to listen with.

PS: in German your surname sounds like No Church. I am NOT a German speaker but travel in Germany a lot. In fact if it were not for C19 would be on the motorway bound for Frankfurt this Friday. Love the country and it is excellent for wheelchair users.

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Hey @Knitman, yeah as far as I’ve looked, that’s the correct translation! I plan on going over someday, seems like a cool place to visit.

Germany is wonderful. Friendly people, clean, excellent food(especially for me who has to eat low carb due to gut problems), excellent topography, culture, museums, motorways, rail travel, beautiful towns, villages and cities. Statues and other works of art everywhere. And a great deal of old stuff. The only time we had a problem was visiting Dresden. Distinctly unfriendly. Meissen Museum, despite me being wheelchair bound, we were followed the whole time by a female security guard. Came a cross a young woman from Western Germany who was living their for studies and she told us it was not our imagination as they even treated her like that but most especially the Brits and Americans because of WW2. To be fair what we did was a war crime and totally unnecessary. But you’d think after all this time…

Anyway, I digress as usual. You will not regret going. Where is your first name from? I have no idea how to pronounce it.

Hey @Knitman, and thanks for your patience! Our team was able to reproduce the issues you’re experiencing with these tracks and we’ve opened up an internal ticket to fix an issue related to files like this. I’ll keep you updated on the status and eventual resolution! Although I cannot offer specifics on a timeline just yet, please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Also Nuwriy can be said like “Nori” (or like Cory with an N instead of a C) and its an Arabic name! Weirdly enough it means something like “light of God” so I’m basically “light of God no church” haha

How odd. I just remembered about those files and here you are!

I am sure if there is a God he wouldn’t be anywhere near a church so you are well named.

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