Not seeing all audio devices

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

laptop Windows 10 64bit/ Roon version 1.7 build 511 stable 64bit

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

not using network
Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
laptop connected to Samsung Home Theater by hdmi cable

Description Of Issue

My laptop is connected to a Samsung Home Theater by Hdmi cable. Windows 10 shows it as an output device in sound settings which I made default. It is set for 5.1 output as I have 5 speakers. It also shows in JRiver as an output device and plays in 5.1 .

Roon is not showing the Samsung Home Theater as an output device. The knowledge base says Roon should show all output devices that the operating system shows. Roon does show JRiver as an output device but if I try to play through it, an error message shows that it can only play 2 channel. JRiver is configured in Roon to play 5.1 .

How can I get Roon to show the Samsung Home Theater?

It cannot. HDMI is a relatively dumb interface so you enable the HDMI but Roon has no way of knowing what is at the other end. You can name it but that is as far as it goes. I do have some concerns about your assertion that the network is not being used. Does that mean you are using WiFi?

Then you should actually use the System Output in Roon and make sure that it’s set to 5.1 also.

No, the laptop is the core, and it is connected to the Samsung Home Theater by Hdmi cable.

So how are you accessing the network?

When I choose device setup in system output in advanced settings there is no option to change the number of channels. It plays just 2 channels.

Henry, I just have the laptop connected directly to the Samsung Home Theater by Hdmi . The laptop is the core. There is no router involved.

OK, it will stop working when Roon decides it wants to call home.

You need to go into the setup options and look at the HDMI options in Roon. It looks as if you are using Jriver as your output proxy. You should be able to select and output directly to HDMI via Roon.

Then your Windows Mixer is still setup to use 2.0 (and what’s the default format? 24/48?). So either setup your Windows Mixer device so it matches the capabilities of your HT device or use something else as default (built-in speakers) in Windows and leave it to Roon (and JRiver) to use and setup the HDMI output as they want to.

Is the Windows Mixer different from sound settings? In sound settings I have the Home Theater as default and set to 5.1 . How do I access Windows Mixer? JRiver sees the Home Theater as an output and plays 5.1 .

Henry where do I find Hdmi options in Roon? Roon is not the most user friendly to find things.

No, should be the same. I don’t know why Roon doesn’t detect your changed settings. Sometimes a reboot of the PC helps.

Tried that and no luck. I tried the trial version and I thought it was playing 5.1 but now it only plays 2 channels. Expensive lesson learned and I won’t renew.

Thanks for everyone’s help and have a great day!

Roon doesn’t have a trial version, only a time limited trial license. You always get the full version of Roon. Even if none of the tips from us other users helped so far, you should not give up so fast. I’m sure official support will show up to help you setup your system.
Please be patient as because of the forthcoming holidays it might take a bit longer than usual.

Hi @Larry_Mark,

To start, can you share a screenshot of Settings > Audio?

Thank you for replying. This got figured out. I had read that using Hdmi was better than Rca connections for sound. Then I read elsewhere that using a DAC with Rca out was the best.

I had an Onkyo Dac that I used before. I connected it and Roon saw it immediately. The sound now is wonderful. Apparently Hdmi is better for video and causes jitter and other problems when used only for audio.

Everyone has been helpful in this thread. Have a nice holiday!

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