Not seeing Roon ARC on Google Play Store

It’s either me being stupid or my phone not supporting ARC. I think. Phone is an LG V30 running Android 8.0.0, which appears to be the minimum. Any thoughts?

Ah, just clicked on the link from Windows and it said it’s not compatible with my device. Any idea why, given that it meets the minimum Android level?

Google PlayStore link:

Open this on your LG phone.

Demands Android:
9 and later

Sorry, time to update! (or stick to 1.8)

Yea, sorry it seems others have the same issue.

Now that your core is setup and we’ve verified your network connections, simply download the ARC app from the app store.

The KB says it’s minimum Android 8, Google PlayMarket says minimum Android 9…

Mobile App Setup

Now that your core is setup and we’ve verified your network connections, simply download the ARC >app from the app store.

In Swedish, still readable i think:

Sorry to involve you folks as you might just be busy at the moment! Can you clarify the minimum Android level for ARC please. The Knowledge Base says 8, it seems Play Store is saying 9.

9 is minimum for ARC, refers to Roon Remote which is minimum 8 they need to update that on on. Beta was 9 only this has not changed.

They need to make that clear then - the KB article above definitely reads that 8 is the minimum for ARC (not disputing that it’s 9).

Having upgraded my core to 2.0, fingers crossed everything else works OK still. I don’t really have a need to use Roon on the go. And certainly don’t need to spend £600 on a new phone right now!

Not to diss the release at all, it looks fabulous. Nor the fact that old hardware needs upgrading at times; such is (tech) life.


Thanks for the heads up on this @Phil_Wright! We’ve gone in and made the update to the help article :+1:

My apologies for the confusion it has caused you up until now :pray:

No problem. I know what it’s like after a major software release, and they don’t come any bigger. Hope it goes well over the next week or so. You can probably close this post now.


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