Not showing album format or album version


No showing album format or album version. Tried:

  • Restarted remote and Server.
  • Cleared cache on remote Macbook Pro.

Running Roon Server on Mac Pro
Macbook Pro, Ipad mini and Iphone X as remote.




Have you checked in Roon’s Settings to see if they are enabled?

Many times.

Hi Frode,

Where are you looking for format and version? They only show in Album Browser.

Also, did you adjust the settings in all your Remotes? Each Remote can have different settings.

Cheers, Greg

Yes, in the album browser. I checked the box for all remotes.

Maybe some screenshots of where you’re expecting to see it, and your Settings, will help us understand why this isn’t working for you?


Album browser and settings pictures.

I noticed that you have only Tidal albums. On those Roon does not show the albumformat. They only show up in your own (ripped) albums.


I understand.

Future feature, maybe?

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