(Not) Stability fixes when using network storage with Linux Cores after build 306 (V1.4)

Here the opposite is happening after the update. Everything was working fine before (Roon core on Synology DS918+ with 12GB of Ram)

Now (directly after the update) Roon is very slow and often skips songs (“an audio file is load slowly”) on my windows desktop PC (i7, 32GB ram, SSD and wired connection) and wireless on my iPad Pro 12,9" and Iphone 8 Plus. (both have strong WIFI signals)

Even deleted the package “Virtual manager” which causes trouble with Roon (detection of Airplay devices) in the past, same result.

Then rebooted the NAS which helped, but not for 100%.
Now playing two/three songs consecutively after the first skip where before the reboot no song was playing completely.

Rebooted the Aurallic Aries mini, now everything seems to work fine again.