Not working - DSD64 bitstreaming with Roon Bridge - Ayre QB-9DSD DAC


First post here. Have been evaluating Roon and loving it so far. Everything else has been working great except streaming DSD64. I went through previous forum posts looking for similar issues, but with no luck. Hopefully I can get some guidance from the community or from @support.

This is mu setup:

  • Windows 8 pro PC
  • Roon Bridge v 1.0 (build 40) stable
  • Ayre QB-9DSD DAC (DSD64 over DoP capable)
  • Trying to play DSF DSD64 2ch track via DoP via ASIO

I am able to bitstream the same track successfully in JRiver 21 and HQPlayer (standalone and controlled via Roon). In both places the LED display on the Ayre shows 64khz for the sampling rate and things work great.

With Roon Bridge, I get no errors, it shows that it is playing the track losslessly, but there is no sound coming out. Also the LED display on the Ayre shows 176khz (not 64khz). I believe I have turned on DoP properly in settings. What am I missing?

Here are screen grabs of my settings and playback screen.

Upon further investigation 176khz is the correct sampling rate that DSD64 should play at. The LED display on the Ayre even for HQPlayer and JRiver shows 176 for a short time which later changes to 64 (I guess 64 indicated DSD64 is playing). So Roon plays at the correct sampling rate, just does not seem to send the DSD flag. Any ideas?

Yes, the 176.4 kHz sampling rate is correct – because that is the sampling rate of the PCM carrier for DSD64 in DoP.


Yes. The only other difference as far as I can tell is DoP v1.0 vs DoP v1.1. Could this be the cause? Why does Roon not implement DoP v1.1?

Is your volume all the way up?

If you mean in the Windows 8 Volume mixer, yes 100%.

In Roon. Do you have any volume control on or are you using volume levelling ?

I believe both are off.Are there other settings?

Hi @Roberto_Milev ----- Thank you for the follow up and the feedback. Both are appreciated! Can you please confirm for me that the volume is at 100% in Roon while trying to stream DSD64 content from the app?


Hi, @Eric. As you can see above, I have volume control fixed. So I can not control the volume when playing PCM or DSD (see screen shot bellow). I know this was a problem with other users, but it does not fit the symptoms I am seeing.

Again, just like HDplayer and Jriver Roon starts to stream at 176khz - the Dac’s display shows “176”. However, in the case of HDplayer and Jriver the display switches to showing “64” (to indicate DSD64 stream) after about a second, and the music starts playing. In the case of Roon, this switch to “64” never happens and the display keeps showing “176”. Seems like Roon does not send the proper flag that the stream is DoP.


Hi @Roberto_Milev ----- Thank you for verifying that for me. If you set your “max sample rate”, “max bit per sample”, and “max DSD sample rate” to “disabled” do you notice any change in behavior?


No problem @Eric. Same behavior with those 3 settings “disabled”.

Hi @Roberto_Milev ---- My sincere apologies for the slow response here. I wanted to touch base with you here and see if any new progress or observations have been made since we last spoke. Let me know and if further assistance is needed I will be glad to lend a hand. Looking forward to your feedback!