Nothing playing; Roon skips all tracks

Saturday night and Roon (again) won’t play anything. All tracks skip from “My Library” and Qobuz. No problem playing from media player or on Qobuz web player, so I know it’s not anything at my end. Does anyone else find all these problems extremely frustrating?

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I’m having same problems switching my playback device off and on in Roon helps forma moment but then it stops again… very frustrating

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A bit more detailed information on your setup(s) would be helpful.

This has nothing to do with my setup, which is pretty basic: a Boehringer UMC2040HD connected via USB to my Windows 10 computer. Nothing in my system has changed since yesterday afternoon, when everything was fine. Then, suddenly nothing would play in Roon. When I click Play Now on an album all the titles cycle until it says “nothing playing”. It doesn’t matter what I select, whether it’s in My Library or in Qobuz.

In order for Support to diagnose an issue, you really should follow their guidance and post details of your Roon and networking setup as requested here:


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