Nothing shows for artists when no image available

Roon Core Machine

Rock 7i7 16gb ram, all music on usb 3 SSD disk

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ISP Modem, Uniifi USG3, Unifi switches, Unifi Aps all hard wired back haul. Changing DNS makes no difference.

Connected Audio Devices

All remotes , windows 10 Surface Laptop, Pixel 4 phone, MacBook Pro M1

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Artists images show absolutely nothing when there isn’t a proper artwork and only initials when viewing info pages for related artists and bands. When searching in the artist sections you will see the initials if no image present yet nothing shows at all on the artist info sections. This is a a bug and needs looking at please for consistency. If you click through the plank image then that artist page shows the initials. This was not like this before the update and change of process for these images.

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Over two weeks and no reply. Is anything being looked at for this?

Hi @CrystalGipsy,

Thank you for getting in touch about this, we apologize for the delay in getting to your report.

My remotes are actually showing images and initials icons on the two artist’s info pages you mention here. This is occurring on all your remotes? Have you tried rebooting your Core?

The most recent release was designed to improve image handling in Roon. And, for many customers, it has. However, others are experiencing issues. I’m thinking that your problem here could be related to the changes in image handling.

If that’s the case we ask for your continued patience while we work on some additional adjustments to how Roon delivers images. Brian touches on this here:

In the meantime can you try a restart of the Core and router to see if it offers any improvement?

Hi @jamie Yes it’s been restarted more than once it makes no difference. It’s only like this on mobile Android remote. I deleted app and started again it was still the same.

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