Noticing sync issue when RPI2 is being used over WiFi

Well - I have the same issue. Two Raspberries, one RPI3 with Ropiee with a BossDac and one RPI2 on Dietpi with a USB Dac. They are nicely synchronised from the beginning, and synchronise if I stop and restart. But after anything from five to 30 minutes the Dietpi is delayed to an intolerable degree. Both are on wifi, the RPI2 with an Edimax dongle.

I have read this thread and I have tried to play with clock master priority, but with no improvement. I can of course buy another RPI3 and install Ropiee on that as well, but @brian before doing so, it would be nice to know whether you have more insight in the root of these problems before doing so?

Our @support team would have to look into it. We fixed something in this area back around when this thread was active in 2017, and at this point we only have known sync issues with one or two Roon Ready partners that affect specific hardware.

Thank you. A little further info - I have just tested with a RJ45 cable on the RPI2 with dietpi. It has now been run ning for more than an hour without any problems, so it is apparently linked to the wifi/ Edimax/ dietpi’s way of dealing with wifi. However, using it is not feasible to use a cable other than for testing.

WiFi can be very tricky as a basis for synchronization unless your network/router are very good about not delaying packets. I suspect that if you dig deep enough, there is a performance issue lurking in the wifi network.

I am inclined to try an RPI3. The network and router is quite OK, and the RPI3 does not make delays when synced wilton one on cable.

I can now say that a new Pi3 B+ with Ropieee that substituted the PRI2 saved the wifi connection. It has now been running for an hour without loosing synchronisation, so there is no more delays. So my hunch was correct, it was not the router or network - up to the Pi itself. Whether the problem was on the Edimax dongleon the Pi 2 or the driver for it, I don’t know.

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