Now Playing Screen: Album Art / Background Image Reloads on Track Changes (1.6 · 401)

When the Now Playing Screen is set to show the Album Art, the background image (blurred album cover) gets unloaded / reloaded when tracks change. For track changes within an album this produces a flicker effect which – especially in a dimmed / dark environment – can be quite distracting if one happens to have the control point nearby and in sight or just peripheral vision. Would be nice if that could get corrected - that reload seems unnecessary when playback of a single album is concerned.

Seen on: MacOS and Android.

BTW when track and album change some kind of a blending out / in of the artwork would make things even better. Not sure how things are for Radio mode but for standard queue playback it shouldn’t be that hard to preload artwork so a transition effect can get applied - or just some overlay gets used which simulates the fade-out/fade-in of artwork.

Hi @ndrscr,

I’ve passed this along to our team for consideration. Thanks for the feedback here, we appreciate it!

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