Now Playing Some Jazz [2024]

Gary Peacock & Ralph Towner - Great album





Time for the Miles Davis wonderful Prestige albums starting with cookin. In mono of course.
I do like these early workouts from miles as you can hear him developing, evolving and perfecting his art.
Just look at that line-up
A nice gentle start to my musical journey today.
Now ive strolled on to Walkin. In Mono obviously.


When I want to listen to the Albums in this feed, I always have to retype the Artist and/or the Album into Roon. Why cant we post Links into the Roon player here ? Ist this technical not possible?


I don’t think that links into Roon are possible but we should make an effort to have the names of the artists and the albums as part of the message tect so that one can cut and paste them into the Roon search field.





Sublime jazz. I dont think Miles ever played more sensitively and beautifully as he did at the end of Autumn Leaves.
I am going to have to play again now. I only played the album a few days ago.
I just checked on discogs and the original Mono release can be had for less than $75 in great quality.
Thats at least $50 less than the horrible MFSL release. Its in stereo too and sounds much worse.
When will people learn!!
Guess what I am playing now?
I may pass out when the outro starts on Autumn leaves.
This album is as good as jazz gets.
Please try and listen in Mono on original vinyl rather than chase new and inferior releases. Save plenty of money for even more first pressings on the way.


I think you’re being a bit dismissive of the new releases here. This copy is an all analogue master from the original tapes by Kevin Gray. Theres every chance its actually better than a vintage copy.

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I can assure you its not.
We all know how MOFI have been somewhat creative about the use of the term(from the original masters) They haven’t been exactly honest about that have they. MOFI claims of entirely analogue recordings haven’t exactly been accurate.
When you can get the original for a fraction of the price and in MONO. Why would anyone want to waste money on an inferior remaster of dubious provenance?
Having to have the latest isnt really about music anyway is it.
A true jazz fan would always prefer the original. This is jazz we are talking about.
Whats badly recorded jazz?
But each to their own. I prefer the real thing when i can get it.

Interesting article and quite the disappointment to learn too. False advertising, especially to analog enthusiasts, is bad business.

Looks like it’s been over a year since that article was posted. Do you happen to know if the lawsuit went forward, was dismissed, or still pending?


Here’s a novel idea: Posting some recent Jazz recordings made artists who are still alive. Darius Jones - fLuXkit Vancouver (its suite but sacred) available on Tidal and Qobuz


This is a ridiculous attitude. A real jazz fan would enjoy the music no matter how it arrived. Also why do you keep talking about the mofi releases? No one here is mentioning the Mofi. The new blue note classics are an all analogue master from original tapes.

I’m not sure why you think a piece of plastic pressed 60 years ago would automatically sound better, or why you think having them makes you a better jazz fan.

Get a grip

The new releases sound fantastic and every bit as good as any originals that I have in my collection (of which I have plenty).


@David_Crosbie1 @MortimerBrewster62
Arguing about vinyl releases on a community forum from a music streaming platform?

Don’t you gentlemen know that the 24bit-96kHz high resolution version available to stream from Qobuz is the absolutely BEST sounding version ever! However, before you get all worked up and start slamming me, please note that I’m only joking.

And as is the case with all sublime music, it transcends whatever format one happens to be using and touches one’s soul. Now let’s all enjoy the music, however we chose to listen to it. :smile:


I think it’s important not to have snobbery about almost any version, apart from the ■■■■■■ copyright cheating Spanish vinyl releases, which are pure junk.

Enjoy the music and find the best versions you can.


Seems that jazz is always been on the cutting edge: Duke Ellington in stereo