Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Sean) #1

I listen to everything from Santana & Clapton to Vivaldi to Beyonce to Pink Floyd to Sam Smith.

But my true love is soul and R&B music, so I’ve wanting to see if there’s a group out there in the Roon Community that share the same love. Just a selection of the stuff I’ve been listening to this week includes Maxwell, D’Angelo, Stevie, Sam Cooke, Ray, MJ, Donell Jones, R. Kelly, SZA, Kehlani, Jhene Aiko, Joss Stone, Sam Smith.

So I wanted to try and start a ‘now playing’ thread dedicated to this genre.

Feel free to share a screenshot of a soul or R&B song or album cover you’re listening to.

I may be the only one that ever participates in this lol and that’s cool, until perhaps a new member possibly spots this thread in the future.

I’ll get it started :wink:

How Big Is Your Library
(Chris ) #2

Whereas I listen to a wide range of music I thought I’d start here with something you may not be aware of.

Chris Rea released an 11 CD with 1 DVD album called Blue Guitars covering original songs in every Blues genre. This is Gospel Soul Blues and Mowtow.
I hope you like it. The whole set is an education. Chris

(Sean) #3

Fantastic, will check it out. Thanks heaps for sharing.

(FunkBrother) #4

I‘m diggin R&B and Soul too. And of course the Funk :heart_eyes:

(Sean) #5

Hehe welcome to the thread FunkBrother - da funk is not only welcomed but encouraged lol

That’s a nice library there - and the recent tracks showing is right up my alley :thumbsup:

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(David Orgel) #7

This one’s not bad, although the recording quality is abysmal:

(David Orgel) #8

This one’s terrif:

(Sean) #9

Nice! I’ll have to correct my thread title - Tower of Power are currently yelling at me, that soul needs a capital ‘S’ ! (track 1) hehe

(Sean) #10

I’m not sure how I could mention neo-soul names like Maxwell and D’Angelo in my opening post and not mention the ageless Queen…

(David Orgel) #11

Celebrity covers (live) of Motown hits, featuring the original Hitsville, USA, rhythm section. See the documentary!

(David Orgel) #12

If you liked the ToP album, you’ll like this:

(Joachim F) #13

Two slow jams and an uptempo tune that have received many spins recently.

Keep on posting, bookmarked the thread.

(Sean) #14

Nice Joachim! I saw Greg Porter at Bluesfest here in Australia this year - what a voice and he had a great band with him.

I listen to a lot of soulful house music too - so there’s plenty of Shaun Escoffery vocals in my collection. That’s a great track.

I’ll check out the other track also.

(Sean) #15

I love hearing what the new younger generation do with R&B music and how they’ll take it forward.

Love this opening track on the new album by Elijah Blake.

(FunkBrother) #16



Good.album. I wish What’s going on with Chaka Khan was available on streaming services but oddly it seems not to be.

(David Orgel) #18

That track and Joan Osborne’s “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” are the two standouts on the album for me.

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