Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

For backup purposes something is better than nothing but for highest quality I can recommend RME ADI2 Pro FS R (PCM768kHz and DSD256) or Merging Anubis (DXD or DSD256).

Get one and start again! Your incredible collection deserves the best ! :smiley:


Thanks for great advice!

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No worries !

Are there cool Soulful House clubs in Japan?

Or not anymore?

You might know Random Soul ? They do club shows here still in Australia.

This is from Husky’s new album. Husky is one half of Random Soul.

Make sure you listen to the Dr Packer remix. I think you’ll love it.



I didn’t know Random Soul. Thanks!. I’ve been neglecting to check new House Music tracks since around 2008.
Checking at Discogs, I found out that Random Soul has released a lot.

I’m listening to "Heaven (Dr Packer Remix) on YouTube right now. Nice song!

If you ever come to Japan, I recommend Precious Hall in Sapporo, Hokkaido! The club, the DJ, the staff and the audience are all amazing.

However, it is very far from my town in the same Japan. I want to go to Precious Hall again.

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Yogi is the other half of Random Soul.

This is one of my all time favourite soulful house tracks (from 2010).

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It’s a smooth and cool track like Jay Denes and Miguel Migs!


R&B / Soul zum Dahinschmelzen: Silk Sonic - Leave The Door Open - live



So ein geiles Duo, voller power und Soul vibes vom Feinsten - ich liebe es. Danke für diesen Tipp :slight_smile:


In memory of Prince’s final live performance 5 years ago.





Nothing new here (unfortunately)…but found myself needing to play some Ohio Players this afternoon. And of course, when I was in my early 20’s, their album covers meant the albums were must have’s. :sweat_smile:

They had a run of about 9 must-have funk albums starting off with Pain (1972) & the subsequent 2 other albums on Westbound Records. And then moving onto Mercury Records Skin Tight (1974) through to Contradiction (1976). Rattlesnake (1975) on Westbound Records is really a ‘leftover’ release after they left the label, but it still contains a few good tracks. Honey (1975) was never a fav of mine. perhaps because it was less funky and more soul/R&B & I wanted funky. :rofl:

And Contradictions (1976) I never used to play all that much & thought I’d revisit today. I’m really not sure why over the years it barely got played…really impressed overall as an Ohio Players album.

After this album, those released later on in the 70’s were a bit ho-hum. Beyond that, I think they are for die-hard fans or just completists.

*Ohio * (1976)



This quintessential reggae track (and others) given to Bob by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry…



Great track and clip, I suspect the writing case is overstated. I’ve read other stories but they do involve Perry. I love LSP but he’s not the most reliable narrator and has something of an ego problem :wink:

He is credited as a composer & producer for the track :wink:

He’s definitely the producer and he definitely played punk to BM. Writing credits to Marley tracks are pretty complicated and amongst the most bizarre in music. Some were even given as charity, though I’m not suggesting it’s the case here. His claim regarding dub is also pretty dubious :wink:

Yes agreed.

If one is smoking the you-know-what (only where legal !) then Lee Perry is always 100% correct. There’s no debate…


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Don’t be a raggapuffin


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