Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk


I think they may not have had Meridian DSP8000s in mind when they mixed the bass :rofl:

(Sean) #1266

When are you gonna finally upgrade those things, for something with non-bloated bass… :grin:


I know, I feel that I’m letting myself down :frowning: .

[I just realized that I didn’t switch my room correction filter back on after yesterday’s headphones session :man: :gun: ]

(Sean) #1268

I thought they sounded great with Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne etc !


Bass tamed. Normality is resumed. The house foundations are no longer cracking.

(Sean) #1270

Another gem from this album. Amazing production, harmonies and melodies.


(Sean) #1271

I love his Jazz stuff but I really love his R&B stuff. He’s always floated between both so effortlessly.


(Sean) #1272

Not a bad bunch of names on one track… :upside_down_face:

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(Sean) #1274

Buttery smooth. ‘That’s why I love’ a Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis production.


(Jan) #1275

Back to basics! Keep it simple!

(Jan) #1276

Jonah Nilsson. Divine voice! Member of Dirty Loops (super-funky-RnB-Jazz band). I’ve been waiting for him to release own material since Dirty Loops quit. It’s happening. Great listen!

Check this video out. Dirty Loops!

(Sean) #1278

Great singer. Signed to Quincy Jones’ management company I read.

(Sean) #1279

Soulful House Music, live.


(Sean) #1280

@jaguone oh snap… I was just listening to this Rasmus Faber live album and when one of my all time favourite tracks ‘Never Felt So Fly’ came on, I just now realised who was on the vocals…

When you mentioned Melo the other day, I knew this name from somewhere but couldn’t work out where… and just a few days later I randomly bump into him on one of my all time favourites :grin:

Track 8 on the Anniversary Edition is my favourite (the classic Soulful House version).


(Sean) #1281

Track 3 (Original Mix) is classic too, with the long bongos intro. And Track 6 (Original 2002 Mix) with the flute and bongos intro.

This track brings back great memories.

(Jan) #1282

This a great track (no 8)! Haven’t heard before this so thank you! And you know about Melo.
For info, Melo (Nils Tull) has a son together with Veronica Maggio (one of the biggest artists in Sweden).
Melo is the son of Karin Glenmark, who together with her brother, Anders, had a band called Gemini. Björn & Benny (yes, THE Björn and Benny) wrote and produced the siblings albums. This is an unreleased ABBA track that B&B gave to Gemini.

(Sean) #1283

LOL. I chuckled a little. Whenever I mentioned ‘The Hit Factory’ that is Sweden previously, I deliberately avoided mentioning ABBA. Because that’s too obvious - the world knows about their global mega hits.

But there’s only so much I can avoid it - everything is somehow connected to ABBA :grin:

(Jan) #1284

You know that ABBA will release new material some time this year? Well, you Aussies are or used to be crazy about the super trouper group :grinning:
John Lundvik, who I mentioned earlier, won the Swedish Eurovision on Saturday. There were 8 international juries (incl. Australia) who all gave maximum points. Never happened before. And the instagram singer came second…

Now some ABBA disco.

(Sean) #1285

I’m pretty sure ABBA was dominating charts across the entire planet at some point. Australia included, of course! It was well before my time though.

There are still cover bands playing all hits around Australia - mostly for the oldies.

All 4 original members?

I know they were offered a ridiculous amount of money some 10+ years ago, to tour.