Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Jan) #1245

It’s garage!

(Jan) #1246

Lil Halima from Norway. Reminds me of Lorde and remotely, FKA Twigs.
Great bass line.

(Sean) #1247


(Jan) #1248

Did you listen to the rest of the EP? Some very nice tracks :smile:

(Jan) #1249

“Off-balance R&B” according to Roon description. Never heard. What does it mean?
Not-the-regular-type of R&B?

Article on “The King of R&B”. Who run the world?
True that!

(Jan) #1250

Danish-Tunisian descent Elias Buossnina.
Soul/hip-hop rhythm & heavy bassline.
Great listen!


Contemporary R&B :wink: which is not the R&B that I love.

Interestingly, I just read that “Rhythm & Blues” was a change that Billboard made which replaced “Race Records” (i.e. Blues). Apparently, the term was not originally a derogatory one, but perhaps it was becoming so.

(Sean) #1252

Ya, very nice indeed. Some nice 90’s R&B flavour/vibes.

I made sure to artist favourite them, so Tidal can tell me when they have new releases in future, under ‘suggested new tracks/albums’ in the official Tidal app.

(Sean) #1253

@jaguone and I read they do house / nu-disco too?

I don’t hear too much of that on that EP, but I’m a massive house fan & nu-disco fan, so will need to check out more of their stuff. Maybe later tonight.

(Jan) #1254

This track makes me happy, happy :smiley:
Prince vibes all over!
The EP is excellent!

(Jan) #1255

Listen also to the MJ Cole house remix.

(Sean) #1256

@jaguone oh yeh, this is the good stuff. Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on this group.

The Hit Factory (a.k.a Sweden) with another one :grin:

One of their influences is very obvious… the legend that is Robyn. Her influence is global though, well beyond The Hit Factory.



(Jan) #1257

Probably mentioned earlier by @Sean2016 but here it comes again!

(Sean) #1258

Working my way through their discog (there isn’t much yet - hopefully much more to come over the years). Another gem here.

Roon annoyingly doesn’t show this is the Endorphins & Pure P Remix version (Tidal app does), but that’s the great version here.


(Jan) #1259

The Endorphins are performing on Stockholm Soul in April. Together with Melo, who is releasing material seldom, just like D’Angelo. I’m thinking of attending.

(Jan) #1260

No comments from me…Just sharing.

(Jan) #1261

Roon Radio delivers!

(Sean) #1262

New Robin Thicke. This is the classic, timeless soul sound, that we definitely all love.

Great production too.


(Sean) #1263

Gorgeous duet


(Sean) #1264

Melodies, harmonies & vocal acrobatics… :ok_hand: