Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Luke Boyce) #1306

Glad you liked it as well! I believe the full-length album comes out in a month or so. Recorded at Audiotree in Chicago

(Jan) #1307

(Jeremy Jones) #1308

Friday night. Decent glass of wine. You get the idea

(Jeremy Jones) #1309

Here’s another, while I’m in the mood

(Sean) #1310

You’re pulling out all the modern classics! Kudos.

(Jeremy Jones) #1311

Ok one more

(Jeremy Jones) #1312

Sorry gotta do this

(Jeremy Jones) #1313

(Jan) #1314

(Jan) #1315

Something for you, @Sean2016?

(Sean) #1316

Love it! Thanks for this.

After this track and his duet with Jorja Smith, I’m looking forward to his album.

Great production on both of those tracks.

(Sean) #1317


(Sean) #1318

Funky. Mixed by the Doc.


(Henri Serton) #1319

(Sean) #1320

A great listen. That classic soul and R&B sound, with some nice soulful jazz too.


(Ricky Cash) #1321

(Ricky Cash) #1322



(Sean) #1324

Great listens @Paul_Jeno and @Ricky_Cash , thanks!

(Sean) #1325

Just posted the latest Santana track featuring Concha Buika (on the main thread).

It reminded me of the first time I heard her amazing voice - on this Soulful House classic…

I was mesmerised by her voice instantly and then I discovered all the Jazz and other styles of music she does so effortlessly.

One of my all time favourite tracks! It takes me right back to a special time travelling Europe, which is where I heard it :grin:

If she ever tours locally I’ll need to see her and shout out a request for this. I think it’d give her a pleasant surprise. It wouldn’t be among the most requested track at her gigs.