Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

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Here is the beauty of Roon:
If you’ve got Qobuz check out their playlist: Funky Horns: the best brass sections. (under Playlists/Focus)

What jumped off of that one was Maceo Parker’s “Pass the Peas” which has already been posted on this thread. Loved that album and started going through Maceo Parker’s Appearances (71). Those wind their way through a ton of great P-funk bands and James Brown, of course. But he also worked with diverse artists like 10,00 Maniacs, Prince, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.
In his Bio it discusses work with Keith Richards (also hyper-linked) which led to several great albums. I’m listening to his most recent now.
What a way to discover music.

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Bobby Oroza, retro soul from Finland.

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Danish lady Mekdes. Great voice and track!

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The most soulful whistling I’ve ever heard… amazing. So good, I had to laugh and shake my head.

Laughing because I tried to do it and failed so miserably.


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Gorgeous production.


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Soulful Jazz


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I was really nervous during first ~30 seconds… because this is a modern Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis classic…

But then the funk really kicked in and my foot started tapping away :grin:

He kept some of the key classic original elements but very much also put his own unique flavour on it.

Love it.


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Don’t know why a 62 year old guy (me) should love Disclosure so much. My wife got in my car the other day and asked “Is this all you listen to?”.
I love Settle. I don’t think there is any way you can twist that album into this thread, but I just tried.

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Disclosure can (should) be enjoyed at any age Scott! Kudos.

Oh that’s easy - Soulful Electronic :grin:

Pretty sure I’ve posted a couple Settle tracks somewhere on this thread. One of my fav albums.

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Thank you Mel for telling me about these guys.


Good Jazz Funk is not just Nils Landgren :grinning:

What are we listening to [2019]
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You should also check this thread out for everything electronic :slight_smile:
Then you will have the car for yourself :sunglasses:
I’ve discovered som much new/old music with my fellow Rooners!

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Will do Jan! Thank you.
Roon is magnificent. I found Disclosure via the “Dubstep” tag on James Blake. Never heard of that genre.
I’ve always loved Everything But The Girl and was always looking for something to take their place (if that could be done). I was reading Tracey Thorn’s Bio and ran across Romy Croft of The XX. Love them!
Kudos to people like Sean who put so much effort into curating threads like this. It’s priceless.

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Oh this is a classic I haven’t heard in a while! Thanks for the prompt.

I dunno about ‘curating’ lol. Just sharing what I’m listening to, as I go along. Plenty of other people with so many great recommendations here too.

And yes, big up to @jaguone’s electronic thread! I’m always discovering gems over there.


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We were in a restaurant in Opatija, Croatia (Valle Losca) for a long lunch a couple years ago. They played Barry White’s “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” continuously the whole time we were there. I asked the waiter “what’s up with Barry White?”. He simply said, “the owner likes this song”.

The old ones endure for a reason.