Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Scott G) #1346

Nice! I LOVED Malibu. Played that one all the time. But Oxnard wasn’t my cup of tea.
This (Ventura) looks promising. Hope we get access to the whole album soon.

(Sean) #1347

Seems to be a very common comment… and I agree too.

(Sean) #1348

I like this but it’s 100% in the style of Partynextdoor x Bryson Tiller.

Like if Party and Tiller had a baby :grin:

I need the current generation to be more original. But I’m a Party and Tiller fan so naturally I like this for the melodies.


(Jan) #1349

Disclosure + Khalid. Soulful house. Great listen!

(Sean) #1350

Great duet off a great new album, out today.


(Sean) #1351

Off another great new album. Nice sampling of the Petshop Boy’s classic.

Funky bass guitar work.


(Sean) #1352

New music Friday continues. Love this track. Simple but nice production.


(Jeremy Jones) #1353

Bazzer always brings back fond memories of mid-70’s discos. The Walrus of Love was king, in the day.

(Sean) #1354


(Sean) #1355


(Scott G) #1356

More please.

(Jan) #1357

@Sean2016, It’s time!

(Jan) #1358

Here you go,sir!
First one. From @Sean2016.

(Jan) #1359

Introducing Soul Tune Allstars. If you miss Blacknuss Allstars, well, this is their prodigy.
Not on Tidal or Spotify yet :disappointed:

(Sean) #1360

Thanks! Now playing on a sunny Saturday morning over breakfast :grin:

(Jan) #1361

Tory Lanez decided to drop a verse to 16 year old danish artist Chris Burton :sunglasses:

(Jan) #1362

qica from Sweden drops a gorgeous track right here this Friday, Great production.

(Jan) #1363

Decca signed Norwegian band Fieh. Debut album later this year. Deep bass on this track :slight_smile:

(Sean) #1364

New Maxwell !! :pray:

Well a new remix.

I love the way beat slowly builds in the background. Then the infectious funk drops :grin:


(Sean) #1365

Very nice. Some serious subwoofer bass (808’s) on this.

Loved this. More traditional bass (guitar) compared to the above :grin: