Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Sean) #1366

One of my favourite albums of last year. Just a superb listen from start to finish. No tracks to skip.

Talented young band.


(Sean) #1367

Time to take a break from the new stuff.

I need a dose of the classic medicine… :pray:


(Sean) #1368

Wow. 3 Salaam Remi remixes of Marvin Gaye tracks dropped yesterday.

Amazing work (as usual) by Salaam.

Marvin’s voice on the opening of this gave me goosebumps. Crank it loud.

(Sean) #1369

Oh yeah, this is some good medicine for the soul.

(Jan) #1370

Inspired by the classic medicine @Sean2016 is taking :grinning:

(Jan) #1371

Stevie Wonder giveaway. Not bad at all :wink:

(Jan) #1372

If I would compile a best of list this would definitely be there. Such a great, classic song, what else can you expect when Mr White was involved.

(Sean) #1373

This is an insane body of work in a ~4 year period (1972-1976)… :exploding_head:

The man is not human…

I would need to think really hard to find 5 classic albums release in a ~4 year window by any other artist.

Sticking to the genre of this thread I’m not sure there is any?

Anyway back to ‘now playing’… :grin:


(Sean) #1375

(Sean) #1376

Brilliant production

(Scott G) #1377

Hmmm. If the bar is “Super Human” you’d need to think about James Brown.
He was a music-makin’ machine.
But yeah…

(Sean) #1378

The Sade classic with the incredible Lalah on vocals and Robert Glasper band.


(Sean) #1379

An incredible group of talent on one track here. First class production, as expected.


(Daniel Beyer) #1380

Given the push to release albums began to slow way down in the 70s, I am not sure that there are many that can even qualify time-wise (let alone quality) post 1976.

(Scott G) #1381

Two questions Sean:

  1. How are you finding these new single track releases? Is it in Tidal (or Qobuz)? Any filters?

  2. Roon’s search function sucks. If I type in (My Last Chance) it isn’t one of the selections. I had this problem yesterday with another track. If you know exactly where it is, you can find it. But usually it looks more like an Easter Egg hunt. Is this one in Roon? (Aaargh! found it listed as an album with two songs)

(Sean) #1382

Hi @grossmsj ,

This is one of the things about Roon that bugs me - first world problem of course and this is not a complaint… just feedback… @joel

See here for similar issue I raised in the past: Can't search for a remix

I use the Tidal app to discover new releases each week.

I ‘follow’ artists in Tidal and in the Tidal app there are ‘suggested new tracks’ and ‘suggested new albums’, based on artists you follow and your listening. So the Tidal app tells me when my followed artists release new tracks or albums.

So I got notified of the Marvin Gaye album release in the Tidal app AND the Tidal app shows the full proper track title, making the Salaam Remi remixes very easy to spot… and search for…

I really hope Roon can close the gap with the Tidal app… even with individual track credits, see below for examples:

(Scott G) #1383

Thank you very much @Sean2016! I didn’t know about any these Tidal capabilities. I’ve always used it as a ‘feeder’ for Roon. My bad.
Also, many thanks to you and @jaguone for the great music suggestions. I’ve really enjoyed the perspective from the two threads you guys are tending.

(Sean) #1384

No problem at all. The Tidal app isn’t what it was 3 years ago when I joined Roon… they’ve improved quite a bit… especially the last year I noticed. Roon actually has a couple of key areas to catchup on but I’m sure they will.

Another example below of Roon lacking behind the free Tidal app for individual track credits as I listen now to this classic album. I could go on forever with examples but the Roon Team are already aware so I’m sure they have plans to improve this.

(Sean) #1385

I should try and be helpful so that you can actually hear this beautiful track through Roon!

The Salaam Remi remix of My Last Chance is track #9 on the album. Marvin’s voice and tone gives me goosebumps on the opening of that track.

Tracks #9, #10 and #11 are the superb new Salaam Remi remixes. Salaam can do no wrong.