Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

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Thanks @Sean2016! I eventually found it listed in Roon as an album of two songs with Symphony. I’ve got no idea why it would be listed this way. Roon search works OK if you know exactly what you want and exactly where you will find it. Otherwise, good luck.
We take for granted how ‘easy’ this is through Google. I’m sure its not, and I’m pretty sure Roon will eventually sort it out. As you say, first world problem.

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Great points and I’ll tag @joel so he sees this feedback.

I know Joel and the wider Roon Team are already well aware of these issues and always hard at work to improve this stuff. But I will sleep better at night knowing that at least one Roon person is aware of this feedback and knowing it doesn’t just get buried deep in a thread that only 5 people are reading :grin:

(Jeremy Jones) #1388

This was one of the hottest streaks of sustained brilliance… probably ever. Period. Absolutely incredible body of work.

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Was driving back from Boston to NY last night and this little beauty popped up on my Tidal playlist. Hadn’t heard it for years. Still sounds gorgeous.

(Jeremy Jones) #1390

Summer of 1980, saw the final night of Stevie’s world tour at Wembley Arena. He came on stage at 7:45 and finally left us just before midnight - with Diana and Marvin joining him at the end. Full 4-piece horn section. Stevie in braids. He played all the classics from these albums, plus some new ones from the soon to be released Hotter than July. One of my all time favorite memories. Turned the old barn into ‘my house’ for the night.

(Sean) #1391

Holy moly. I’m jealous.

(Jeremy Jones) #1392

Oh yeah, plus lots of Songs in the Key, of course. But the Best moment of the whole thing for me was his rendition of Let’s Get Serious - the Jermaine Jackson hit - which was preceded by Higher Ground. I swear the floor was bouncing :slight_smile:

(Jeremy Jones) #1393

Like this

(Sean) #1394

Great clip and incredible cover. Not just one of the great singers, not just one of the great song writers and not just one of the greatest musicians… but people forget Stevie’s got jokes too! What an entertainer. Thanks for sharing that.

Somewhere up in this thread I shared a story of Jamie Foxx a few years ago, introducing Stevie performing at the Grammy’s and part of the intro was something like “Stevie Wonder has more talent in just one of his braids, than most of you here today”

And the room burst with laughter, despite being the butt of the joke :grin:

(Jeremy Jones) #1395

Btw I believe Stevie wrote LGS. Just a little something he tossed to the Jacksons to help them along. The guy had talent to burn. Yes, he’s also very funny live. He loves to get people laughing and then - wham! just drops into a groove from nowhere and just floors you.

(Jan) #1396

An talented multi-instrumentalist, Daniell Fridell. Jazzy, groovy music. Excellent!
*Daniel Fridell in the creative process. Interesting read!
“I love music.
This album is basically a jam session with myself. Growing up, I used to record music this way. Starting with a drum machine track, then a drum track, bass, guitar, keyboards - creating the music track by track, note by note. I wanted to do that again, it’s an intuitive and fun way of doing music. I recorded these jams during late nights after finishing other sessions, setting up all the instruments in the control room of my studio: a 60’s Slingerland drum kit, a 70’s Fender Jazz bass, a 70’s Rhodes electric piano, a Juno 60 synthesizer, a Moog Rogue synthesizer, a Yamaha YC10 organ, a Fender Tele Custom electric guitar, a Nord Electro and Nord Modular G2 keyboards.
So, inspired by masters of all the amazing and creative late 60’s and 70’s music like Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Sly and The Family Stone, Shuggie Otis, George Duke, King Crimson, the melodic bass lines of Aston Barret of the Wailers and everything in between, I just went at it.”

(Sean) #1397

What doesn’t YouTube have :grin:

From 2015’s Grammy All-Star Salute:

(Sean) #1398

Thanks, love that track and album. This was a nice reminder for me to play this album. Love this track.

(Jeremy Jones) #1399

You’re bang on - this is definitely one of their very best. Also…. “Can’t Stop the Love” and “You” (especially from the first live album). Magic.

(Scott G) #1400

Doh! @Jeremy_Jones, @Sean2016
How can it be that I’ve never heard of these guys?
Clearly, I need to re-examine how I’ve been living my life.
This could be difficult.

(Jeremy Jones) #1401

Oh my goodness, you need to stay behind after class. Lots of catching up to do. Start with “Live in New Orleans”. One of very best live albums you’ll ever hear…

(Scott G) #1402

I’m a quick learner. Listening to that right now. Happy Feelin’s

(Scott G) #1403

This one gets a LOT of plays here. Roon’s review makes it sound like blaspheme that the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is dubbed into her original vocal tracks. That may be, but this one just makes me real happy. Guilty pleasure?
Great thing about Roon is it’s easy to compare this version to the other 28 versions available. I prefer the RPO version.

(Jeremy Jones) #1404

Excellent choice - enjoy!

(Sean) #1405

Her first 2 albums are known today as ‘The Vocal Bible’… these albums influenced modern R&B from from 1998 to today, with vocal arrangements and style of runs & riffs and background vocal arrangements put together in a way never done before and still influencing young R&B artists today.

One of my favourites here, with Super Producer Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins. They were both only around 20 years old when they put together her classic first 2 albums. Incredible.