Now playing some sweet Soul, R&B and Funk

(Sean) #1406

I’m a music nerd and love knowing about all the people behind the tracks.

Rodney is a really bad mamma jamma on the keys. Here he is clearly ‘in the zone’ :grin:

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(Scott G) #1408

While Swedes and Aussies were sleeping, some of us were still on lookout.
Thanks @jaguone for introducing me to Khalid. I preordered his album the night you showed me his tune with Disclosure.

(Sean) #1409


Nice to know I can sleep in peace, knowing there is 24/7/365 surveillance of good music releases :eyes:


(Sean) #1410

Great new track.

(Scott G) #1411

Interesting. Not available here in US. But it’s April 5 there so…

(Sean) #1412

Gorgeous track and live recording from Air Studios UK.

(Scott G) #1413

Who’s this Smokey Robinson guy Anderson .Paak is hanging out with now?

(Scott G) #1414

(Joachim F) #1415

Get a head start on your Friday night

(Sean) #1416

Funky! Thanks for that.

Joey Negro, the Soulful House Music legend, has never disappointed.

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(Scott G) #1419

Oh. Hello!
Very nice

(Jan) #1420

Another track with the Finnish retro soul band.

(Daniel Beyer) #1421

(Sean) #1422

I first heard this dude’s voice on this Opolopo Soulful House Remix of Sleepwalkers.

Then I discovered he had an album and it’s really one of my favourites now.

(Sean) #1423

Soulful Jazz


(Jan) #1424

Louam from Norway. Great track and title :smile:

(Jan) #1425

Swedish Cherrie.