Now TV: Two-Router Setup with Now TV Hub Two (aka Sky NR801) and Netgear Orbi

United Kingdom.

Two router setup:
A) Now TV Hub Two (also known as Sky NR801)
B) Netgear Orbi Router (RBR50) and satellite (RBS50)

Router A acts as the modem to the ISP. Router B is connected to router A through router B’s WAN port. All devices, including the Roon Core are connected to router B.

Router A cannot be changed to a bridge device through its software interface.

Router B is in “Router” mode rather then “AP” mode (ie not configured as a bridge). I don’t want to change B’s mode because I would lose some functionality that I am currently using.

Roon ARC would not connect until I added a port forward for port 55000 on router A pointing to router B. Router B has UPnP enabled and handled the subsequent port forward to the Roon Core itself.

Roon ARC now works.


Hi @Roger_Cliffe,

Thank you for your illuminating summary. I’ve moved it to the #early-access:port-forwarding-solved section for the benefit of other users.