NP5 Prisma MK2 Set-up - Is it a Plug-n-Play endpoint recognized by Roon? Or must one use Google Home as instructed?

Quick question…, thank you in advance to the expert brain trust here. I did a Search for previous threads to learn from, but did not see one on this topic (apologies in advance if I missed it - gently point me, if you would. also, I put this in the “Support” thread, as I didn’t see a topic under Gear Talk for "Primare
NP5 Prisma MK2.)

I picked up an [ NP5 Prisma MK2 and am going to configure that on one of my main systems with my DAC via optical. At this point, I’ve not used a stand-alone network bridge, like the NP5 Prisma MK2.

So, my quick question…, Do I have to follow the included Prisma setup instructions? These seem to be all about using it to stream via Chromecast? Can I just plug-n-play, and allow Roon to see the network bridge as an endpoint? I have a wired Ethernet connection to my home network.

Before I just go try this, I thought to ask the community here. Would be nice if the “partner” pages or Roon Store, listed a short, quick-start guide for each “roon ready” device…,

I read in another forum that if one sets up the Chromecast via Google Home as instructed by the Prisma included instructions, that it will not give you what Roon can…, so I don’t want to back into any corners that I can’t get out of, or my ears may not hear the difference…, and I go blindly along thinking I’m good, when I’ve dumbed down my system. I am not a Google Home user, and would like to avoid it, if possible.

BTW, is it just me? I never find any “optional tags” for any posts? Is that a thing? or is it me?

If it is already Roon Ready then you should not need to use Google Home app especially if you are using Ethernet.

But if it needs become Roon Ready or is on WiFi then you might need to get the device ready.

First off go to Settings ->Audio in Room and see if it already listed and just needs to be enabled.

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From the Roon store description:

The NP5 Prisma MK2 supports Roon Ready, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast out of the box.

So I would say it should work quite well. Although there may be some set-up required? I don’t know how “plug-n-play” it is… :wink:
I would think that once you get it on the same network as your Roon core it should just show up in the settings\audio section. I would try that before messing with chromecast or any of the other methods.

From the NP5 Prisma MK2 Network Player User Guide:

To stream using Roon Ready

The NP5 Prisma MK2 is certified as Roon Ready and as such should appear in the Roon Ready devices section of the Audio settings menu in the Roon application, allowing the NP5 Prisma to be enabled for use with Roon.

Also note from the user guide:

4 Connect to a network

For best results we recommend connecting using an Ethernet network cable. The NP5 Prisma MK2 requires one to two minutes to completely start up; please be patient. The Power/Source LED will show solid white light when startup is complete.

Connecting via an Ethernet cable

- Connect an Ethernet cable between your router and the LAN socket on the back panel of the NP5 Prisma MK2.

- Using ethernet connection provides immediate access to your network and the network LED will show solid green. If the network LED is flashing blue, make sure your Ethernet cable is connected and it has a network connection.


Although you can stream music over Wi-Fi, for best results connect the NP5 Prisma MK2 to your home router via an Ethernet cable.

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OK, Here’s what I did, should anyone else read this thread.

The Steps in Order

  1. Connect Np5PrismaMK2 to my DAC (which is already connected as input to my Audio System.
  2. Connect the ethernet cable to my network.
  3. Plugged in the power supply to the NP5PrismaMK2. On First Start-up, the light flashes white, for a while, then becomes solid white as it finds itself on the network.
  4. Started up Roon on my Desktop computer (I assume you can do this on any control device you are running the Roon UI).
  5. I went to “Manage Devices” (this was the active choice/button at the bottom of the screen, since I didn’t have any other of my Roon endpoints turned on. that might be a good idea to ensure less confusion.)
  6. I renamed the device - you could probably skip this step - I wanted to rename it so it was clearly identified for my many Roon enpoints.
  7. Clicked on Device Setup from the Settings gear/cog for the device. I clicked on “Load Defaults” which didn’t do anything - but I did it just in case. The SAVE.
  8. Powered up my DAC.
  9. Powered up my Audio System (nothing special, it’s a two-channel high-end vintage system…, connected to the DAC through it’s AUX input).
  10. Opened my phone (the audio system is in another location than my PC). And, Launched Roon app.
  11. Chose the NP5PrismaMK2 as the Audio Device.
  12. Played some music.

So, no need to do the Prisma setup steps.

Hope that helps someone else searching for this.


I just plugged it into my network and Roon saw it immediately; didnt use the Primare app at all. This refers to MK2, I think the position may be different with the earlier model. So yes, ignore the instructions.

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OK, new configuration question…, playing around with this more…, (And, using this thread as a one-stop place for others in the future who might have the same questions to find in the braintrust here for Roon use…)

Question 1:
Seems there is a configuration setting in the Settings dialog in Roon’s “Manage Audio Devices” for the NP5 Prisma MK2 for MQA…, The default is set to “No MQA Support” What option should this be set to? Other options are: Decoder and renderer, Decoder only, Renderer only. What should this be set to (best suggestion).

Question 2:
I presume this also requires “Enable MQA core decoder” to be set to “Yes”? Is that correct?

Everything I have read says that the NP5 Prisma MK2 DOES support MQA, but what have others here in the community, or the Roon-Ready evaluation lab qualifiers determined are the best settings? Defaults seem to leave it limited (OFF).

It shouldn’t matter, but full disclosure… (as I understand it, Roon only sees the Network Bridge in the Endpoint, not the DAC), …but full disclosure that my DAC connected to the output of the NP5 Prisma MK2 supports MQA…,


Any suggestions from NP5 Prisma MK2 users on MQA settings?