NPS-Q45T & Ethernet Cables

Has anyone treated their ethernet connectors?

With what and why?
What should the end result be?

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I think NPS-Q45T is literally a synonym of snake oil.


With NPS-Q45T contact enhancer. Simply wondering if anyone has treated their Ethernet plugs. Subjectively, what if any changes in SQ occurred. I like what it does to my overall presentation when applied to AC & speaker cables.

But have you tried it?

Of course, I haven’t! My Ethernet cables have no problem delivering noughts and ones.


Seriously, have a read of the router and ethernet cables thread. Forget the subjectivist “to my ears, it sounds better” crowd and read some of the stuff written by those who understand networking.

If after following the above advice, you’re still drinking the audiophool kool-aid, go ahead, knock yourself out. It’s your money.

While I respect the naysayers networking acumen, and like many others who’ve tried this contact enhancer, I find the not so subtle improvement NPS-Q45T has made to my AC & speaker cables to be quite pleasant indeed. For me, and I suspect even to the skeptics, it’s all about how the music sounds and not how it appears on paper.

How music sounds has as much to do with how bits flow through Ethernet as it does with how it appears on paper.