Nuc 10th gen or better stay on 8th gen

Hi everybody, my rock based on intel nuc 8i5 broke and now I have to decide between to buy a new nuc10i5 or nuc8i5, intel nuc 10th gen doesn’t seem to be a step forward…and the price is more or less the same…what do you think?

There’s an 8i5 in the for sale section now. food for thought

The 10th Gen devices will be supported by Intel after support for the 8th Gen is dropped. If the prices are comparable, I’d go for the 10th Gen.

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My vote for NUC 8. Only the NUC10i7 has a bit more CPU power and 6 cores.

But NUC10 GPU is not as good as NUC 8.

NUC 8 are also cheaper!

For single thread performance that is important to Roon DSP, probably not.

Aren’t the Gen 11’s due to come out this fall?

Multicore performance is very important, as the library scan would use all the cpu cores to do rendering.

Thank you for your answers guys.

Anybody from the Roon Team want to add their opinion about it?

I hope they fixed the faulty 2.5Gbps Ethernet controller by that time.

out of interest I could never install rock on my motherboard because it did not support legacy boot, does gen 10 support legacy boot?

Yes it does, although you have to disable fast boot and modern power management before you can enable legacy boot.

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Roon have a relationship with Intel and are currently recommending 10th gen NUC

No they’re not recommending 10th gen (at least not that I’m aware of). All info I’ve read seems to indicate you better stick with 8th gen.

Where do you find this recommendation from Roon Labs?

10th Gen NUC recommended for ROCK

U cant undervolt 10th gen.

On this site: Roon recommend:

  • buying a NUC10i7FNH (for large libraries or heavy DSP use)

BUT at the end it says:

  • “If this is still not enough information, you should wait to see what works for other Roon members, or go with the NUC8i7BEH, as that is the best NUC that we’ve used.”

Which one will be the most quiet (and with less power consumption)?

I"m waiting for 11th gen which will be out this Fall. Even if you don’t want it, the prices on the 10th gen might drop some.


I have both at home a I7 10th with windows 10 and I5 8th running rock roon.
Roon is running perfectly on I5 8th gen.
If you can’t wait go for 8th gen you ll have no problem.
Not sure about any Roon improvement if you use a 10th gen Nuc.