NUC 11 Audio via HDMI on Anthem MRX740 AVR

Hello, I have just setup my NUC and it is working great compared to what I was using, my daily iMac with an ext HDD. I was about to get a Nucleus+ to use for HDMI audio to my Anthem MRX740, since it isn’t Roon Ready, still…
I figured I can build one for cheaper and have more performance for down the line so I have opted for a NUC build, thanks to all the advise read here.

Here is my set up

Intel BNUC11TNHi50001
Ripjaws 16GB DDR4-3200 RAM 2 x 8 GB
Samsung 980 SSD 250GB M.2 NVMe
Samsung 870 QVO 4TB SSD 4-bit MLC V-NAND SATA III

Everything went smoothly with the set up, checked that Audio over HDMI was selected on the BIOS but not seeing anything when HDMI is plugged into my Anthem MRX 740. There are no options on Roon under Settings/Audio to enable any HDMI port. I have read that some NUCs do not support HDMI audio but it showed on Neweggs website that is supports up to 7.1 multichannel and then checked a couple other sites and it showed it had the capability.
I picked the NUC11TNHi5 so I can fit it into a Akasa Plato TN case, if there is another NUC that I should get I have some time to return the current NUC.
Any help is much appreciated.

Well, ROCK would likely need to implement a driver which it likely has not. Does the Nucleus offer audio over HDMI?

it works on other NUCs with ROCK
Nucleus works with HDMI audio, which runs ROCK

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Of course the Nucleus does (multichannel) audio over HDMI, no driver required. It does not do video though.

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@Brian_Scafaro Can you post a screenshot of Settings > Audio showing the Core section?

Interesting, I’m not seeing a Core section - which would normally be between the “This PC/Mac” section and Roon Ready entries.

Does your NUC have a 3.5mm audio jack socket on the case?

yeah, that is what I noticed from other screen shots. I can not get a firm answer if this NUC has audio over HDMI from anyone, on chat with Intel right now. Lots of websites show it has it, even some Intel says it have up to 7.1 multi channel.
Unfortunately it does not have a 3.5mm

I’m afraid that that omission seems to be an indicator that you won’t get audio over HDMI on this particular model of an Intel NUC.

Roon Labs have the supported and tested models on their ROCK page:

Yes, I understand, that is why I bought this model NUC, NUC11TNHi5, it is on their supported page.

Hmm - OK, let’s see what @support have to say about this.

There have been reports of HDMI not showing up since the latest RoonOS update for some users. Not sure anything has been looked into at all.

Odd how the core isnt showing up.

Not showing up? I’ve seen reports of the opposite… that it IS showing up now when before it wasnt.

Swear I have seen some posts where its been missing in action but had been there before, I could be mistaken of course.

@Brian_Scafaro - that reply above from Danny - can you post a screenshot of the Web Administration page for your ROCK/NUC - that will tell us what build of Roon OS you have. Thanks.

Roon OS
Version 1.0 (build 254)
Away from computer right now so no screen shot.

Roon Server 2.0 build 1169

There was this report, which doesn’t seem to have been resolved…

Ok, I was so going to order a different NUC. I had read that the ones with a 3.5mm on the front work as intended.

Well, that seems to be the case with the 10th generation NUCs, but I don’t know for sure for the 11th and 12th gen NUCs.