Nuc 12 hdmi - any update from roon team?

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Marantz receiver via matrix spdif as hdmi doesnt work on nuc 12

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Hdmi does not work on Rock installed on NUC12 - is there any update on when a ROON update might be available to fix this issue which has been acknowledged for some time?

@number6mi, Roon do not publish roadmaps, or dates features will be available. Their website states, “Roon does not currently support HDMI audio on the NUC12 models”, and the emphasis (mine) suggests it is being worked on.

Bump… to keep the focus on this, still waiting for a fix.

As I doubt that Roon writes HDMI drivers for Intel chipsets in the Linux kernel, I suppose it will depend on Intel and Linus Torvalds.

Pretty sure Linux supports hdmi. I think a newer version of Roon Core probably could include the necessary drivers …

Sure it does, and it works on all NUCs with ROCK up to 11th gen. But apparently the drivers are buggy with NUC12. Of course, if these have been fixed in the kernel since I last looked, then it’s up to Roon to update the kernel. But last time I looked, it was a general problem

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Well nuc12 doesn’t work that’s for sure but I was unclear between your two comments if you are suggesting it’s an intel issue or something roon can fix. Roon previously intimated they were working on it…

They are but with the recent change of Intel stopping manufacture of the NUC and transferring it to Asus I would imagine there are new complexities to iron out.


I would think that normally it’s a collaborative effort. I don’t know if Roon said that they were, themselves, working on it, or that they expect improvements by Intel in the future. It isn’t clear from the quote in @ged_hickman1’s post above, either.

Generally, Intel isn’t bad at developing drivers for Intel chipsets in Linux, so there’s probably a reasonable assumption that they would fix any bugs for the NUC12. And usually these things are openly discussed on the Linux kernel mailing list, so possibly there was some chatter about issues and expected patches (I don’t know).

And once the patches land (contributed by whoever, normally Intel but could be other Linux contributors or Roon themselves), Roon would have to work on updating the Linux kernel in Roon OS to a new, fixed, version, or possibly merging the patches into their kernel version, if for some reason they don’t want to upgrade the kernel wholesale.

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