NUC for endpoint?

That’s excellent! I was wondering if there are any updates to the hardware specs for ROCK Intel nucs? Got my stuff in hand and ready for it based on the previous info…

Quick question though - if I wanted to run a roon bridge off a ROCK NUC in another room, would I need a high powered one like the one for ROCK running core, or can I make do with a low specced one running ROCK for roon bridge purposes? Many thanks!

Roon Bridge will easily run on any spec NUC. It is a very low footprint program that can run on a Raspberry Pi or similar small computing device. I would suggest looking at any of the devices that support Diet Pi and spending the savings on a good power supply.

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Many thanks for the guidance andybob!

Just to add ROCK is not designed to run as bridge, that’s the job of Roon Bridge. ROCK is a CORE and no more. It is seen as an endpoint essentially only when a DAC is connected via USB to the ROCK hardware.

Now I’m confused! (possibly as I’ve lost track of what each bit of Roon is now called)

I appreciate Rock provides Roon Core capabilities and that’s its main task.

Can it also however act as a Roon endpoint (i.e. core and end point in same box) if needs be? As my Mac Mini did 18 months ago when I first started with Roon. The Nucleus specs suggest as much so I think the answer is yes. And given Rock is the same whether on an NUC or Nucleus then an NUC should be able to do both core and endpoint duties if needs be.

If that is correct, are there sound quality considerations from running both in the same box? And if so for what reason? Just trying to understand, not aiming to be contentious :slight_smile:

As you guessed, Yes you can.

There may or may not be some sonic differences with running your DAC off of the Core machine depending on a number of factors not the least of which is the DAC’s ability to reject noise coming from the core. Some might hear it others might not.