NUC Inital setup - Loading Codec to Rock

SSD M.2, 1TB
Rock Install - Ver 1.0 (Ver 186 stable)

connection via ethernet to Netgear Nighthawk R800 router

I am trying to upload the Codex file to my ROCK, however cannot for the life of me find the directory on the network to copy it across. I can see the web based page showing the codex is missing but cannot find any other way to find the data folder or the directory it belongs to to be able to add it… What am I missing?

I am using a Windows 10 Laptop and have enable the SMB2 functions in windows as mentioned in other Roon Community posts.

Open File Explorer and go to \\rock.

Thanks for the prompt reply, But it is still no luck.

Accessing \ROCK\data is a hassle for me either.

Usual I succeed when I open Windows explorer as quickly as possible after (re-)starting windows.
Then I click on network at the bottom of the Explorer window.
Afterwards I click in Explorer under in the menu in the left top corner on the small icon globe/screen.
“Network” will become blue: I delete “Network” and type \ROCK\data
Then the folders in ROCK\data will be shown and these are accessible in case file sharing is allowed.

This will only work immediately after (re-)starting Windows.
Several minutes after starting Windows I will receive a message that \ROCK\ cannot be found.
In my case, this may be a firewall/network issue.

Explorer will change in:

I hope this explanation will help you placing the codecs in the folder.
I use this bypass to place albums from my PC on the SSD connected to the NUC via the folder Storage.


I struggled with this at first

Realised that the folder needs unzipping and then choosing the specific file rather than the folder

It’s a while since I did this but I, at first, confused the folder with the file

This trips many up…really needs a better step by step for windows users, and everyone maybe…like you are telling yr mother how to do it… :wink:

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Thanks for the advice. All fixed now and yes I completely agree on the issue of instructions/how to guides could be better.


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