NUC model for Roon Audio Bridge Device NOT Server


Does anyone have any experience using NUCs as an audio device rather than as a server? I want the HDMI out that comes with the NUC, but won’t be using it as the Roon server, just audio out.

Roon’s ROCK page has the list of supported Intel NUCs, but that list is for using them as a server and therefore requires i3/i5/i7 models. The older Celeron models are significantly cheaper, and I was wondering if anyone has used those successfully.


I used the NUC6 celeron for a while and it was perfect. Loaded ROCK onto it and it became the perfect endpoint for Roon. I later moved to the NUC6i3because there were a few on EBAY for $110 with NVME hard drive and 4GB of RAM. The only problem with the i3 was the fan noise was very irritating. I went into the BIOS and turned it down to 700RPMs and it is impossible to hear without an ear touching it. It does run warmer at 72 Celsius, but for about one hundred dollars it is tough to complain. Never had an issue with WIFI or anything. Rick solid system.

Thanks, @Papi_Chulo - very helpful to know! Much appreciated.